Monday, May 23, 2016

Going on a mission is the best thing I've ever decided to do. It has completely changed my life. I am so thankful for all your support!

May 23, 2016

this week.............................................
We taught Gibbison, he is good, he almost came to volleyball, it's hard to explain to people how much we actually need our Heavenly Father!
We saw Sara, she is good, from Italy and really interested. After meeting with her for the first time, she said how she went home and prayed, and felt the spirit! She is getting baptized in June!
Taught a man named Sebastien with Brother Quirke, while teaching him, this man named Richard came and joined us, it was fun and awesome!
We saw Josephine❤I love her! Cathy Peters drove us down which was soo nice! It's beautiful in Clon!
Penny Dinners! Ah what a party!!
Games Night...also great!!
Had dinner with Virginie and it was amazing! she is French! and made crepes! They were so good! and kesh and other good food!
Dinner with Hannah as well, and Kagaris, and Megan and Andrew Peters! so much good food. this is why i'm fat.

There is not a lot to say, because my mind has gone completely blank.....

 18 months
3 areas
6 companions
Going on a mission is the best thing I've ever decided to do. It has completely changed my life. I am so thankful for all your support!
I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church on the earth. That Joseph Smith restored it, and translated the book of mormon, which is the word of God, and brings men closer to God and the Saviour. I know that Jesus is the Christ. He died for us, and He lives! Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet, and is under the direction of the Saviour. This is the greatest work we could ever engage in, the salvation of the human soul. I am eternally grateful for the chance i've had to be here. This is my testimony, which I hold dear to my heart, in the name of my Saviour, the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Sister Buhler
I'll see you soon.

"But behold, the Lord hath redeemed my soul from hell; I have beheld his glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love."

May 16, 2016
We traveled up to Dublin and had an All Ireland Conference there! It was really nice! I gave my last testimony:( That was a bitter-sweet moment. Strange to be at the end. I see all the incoming missionaries share why the decided to come, and I envy them a little....but time goes so fast. And i was fore-ordained to be in Scotland/Ireland Dec. 2014 to June 2016. 

After the conference, we spent the rest of the evening in Dublin! With Sister Petersen and Muller. They are some of the best! It was really fun! Sister Muller and I taught two lesson and on the way home it decided to pour, like when you are at a water park under the bucket, yes. soaking my friends..absolutely soaking. We had a good laugh though.

The next morning they came down to Cork with us to do a big "blitz". 
*blitz: where more missionaries come down and find you people to teach and all that. 
so instead of 6 missionaries in Cork, there where 12! yes. crazy. 
So sister Muller and Petersen, then elder mulville and Salinas, then elder Lindsey and haller. 
Sister Muller and I did finding all day! IT was awesome! I love talking to people! something I will really miss! 
Man. for one day we had a 4 sister flat 
*flat: apartment
And it was a PARTY. we tried to convince them to stay FOREVER. but they wouldn't😩😒

while i was busy finding sister Petersen and sister plummer went to the doctors for sister plummers toe....oh dear....😷
it got a lot worse....they will be operating on it, a week from this Tuesday😬
SO...that is unfortunate. to say the least.
While finding I spoke to a man, (homeless looking) he had lots of questions, and I told him we would answer them the following day. When I asked what his name is, he said, "I no have one. give me one" (but he is from the Czech republic, and has no teeth, so understanding him is a bit hard) But i heard is "gibbison" so i am like okay Gibbison tomorrow at one. Yeah. no idea. πŸ˜•
And oh gibbison is just a character! He calls me "Utah"  he said I go well on earth. Thank you? so he gave me a couple stones, and a container with sand, Irish sand😯
He is pretty funny. He gave Sister Plummer a jar of water and 3 feathers. she goes well on water......yep😏
Penny Dinners! It was good to go back! man they are so funny though! Tons of people come and donate! It is really nice to see everyone serving each other, and everyone is happy!πŸ™‚
Games Night went well! more people are coming out to it! whoot whoot!πŸ˜„
Patrick is good! Same old with him... I don't think he has the desire to truly know if this is the true church, but he is still willing to learn and read and pray.
Dinner at the Peters (Megan and Andrew) so fun! we brought swords, and played Ammon! those kids are just so cute!
Church was great!! As always! such a nice spirit there! As a branch we are working on being more united! I think we are slowly getting there! yay!πŸ˜€
Ponderizing for this week is 2 Nephi 1:15 

"But behold, the Lord hath redeemed my soul from hell; I have beheld his glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love."
I love you all! Enjoy your week!!!!πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

ponderize: alma 36:26

oh dear. sister plum-plum is still very VERY sick! Not to mention her toe...isn't looking great....
soooo in the flat for a lot of the week:( BUT now she is not sick AND her toe is getting looked at Wednesday. yeesh. I know
Mothers Day was magical! I love being able to hear everyones voices again, and how the speak! IT was the best! Lucky to have a great fam!
District Meeting: we really enjoy! Elder Corcoran served with me in Aberdeen, so it's funny to be serving with him again, and again he is my District Leader, and his meetings are really good and spiritually uplifting!
Brother Quirke's BBQ: brother quirke is just the funniest man ever! he made us a bbq and kept singing us old irish funny
We did make it to Clon this week, and saw Josie! YAY! cathy peters (rs. pres. ) took us down and we visited her and took a couple photos on the beach! Josie might be moving to Bantry (which is ages away) for surgery:((((
Taught Patrick-he is good, hard, but good. Seems to be more willing to pray and read the book of mormon, which is good. Just working on him getting his own testimony and having the desire to have a testimony.
Games Night: some elders got pretty intense at volleyball, we might not have it again...yes...oh dear is right...yeesh, but hey it was fun for the most part..haha drama llama.
It's Elder Swenson's Birthday today, so we all went to lunch and went bowling! So fun...I am so bad at joke.
The weather (for the most part) has been beautiful! very warm! who knows i might get a tan!

ponderize: alma 36:26

Sunday, May 8, 2016

John 3:16-18

this week has been fun.....

sister plummer wasn't feeling well, but we were grabbing milk for llama night, and we are at tescos and she decided to vomit...yep right there. luckily i saw a box, she ran and vomited llama night for us...

she had a blessings that night. 

jenna roy brought us tons of food!! SO nice!!!! And her daughter handed me doughnuts and said "for my best friend" she is 4 and darling! 
the elders made us lunch and bought us lunch another day.
and trav stapelton made us dinner too and brought monopoly to keep us from dying!

but our flat is really clean! 
and i made peanut butter bars, 
wrote letters and called everyone! literally, it was awesome! so we have lots of appointments this week with people! yay!

so it's been really good!

sister plummer is doing much better today, still not great but better! 
John 3:16-18

Sister Buhler

The branch is becoming more united.

sister plummer still has a problem with that toe of hers, spent way to many days at the doctors...they know us now..hahahhaha. it's getting there.

some old man called be beautiful and ask for my number. gross. no sir. thanks anyways. 

We taught Agetha, and tired to get her to come to church.....she was like no. I hate it. I don't understand. I've already been. i'll just pray. BUT BUT. BUT sigh. 

Taught the Obodes they are good, there dad is less active and wont let the kids be baptized till they are 18:(

Penny Dinners....same old. Edmond wasn't there which is sad because I brought him a book of Mormon. next time. 

Patrick...sigh....he doesn't want to know if the church is true because he doesn't want to offend his family by being baptised......any ideas?

Games Night, I spiked the volleyball. go me. and Patrick came. and the elders investigator bought me a chocolate bar! whoot. 

Andrea is good! she is coming to llama night! this Wednesday! yay! llama night!

church was amazing!! such a great spirit there and the branch is becoming more united!! YAY!

love you 

sister buhler

Thursday, April 21, 2016

oh boy oh boy....this week!

sooo good old sister plummer came to cork!

i was supposed to meet her in Limerick...but that didn't happen. I went  to get her at the bus station and found out she was in Cork (2 hour drive away) this is at 10pm....soooo
Elder Salinas and Mulville drove me down to Cork. we got sister plummer, and got to our flat at 12pm...what a night! oh what a long night! 
i apologized for the mess...because i didn't get the chance to pick up since i was sick. 

It was sad to say goodbye to the wilson...I love them. But i'll go visit them in's fine. 

went whiteboarding.....super fun! met a really cool guy named Brian with a cute son Kyle! Who we are hopefully seeing this week!
the new elders seem really nice!

agetha is doing goood! we took brother quirke with us, and he asked her if she had a testimony of the gospel. He is so bold, I love it! We were able to have a really good lesson with her, hopefully she'll come to church!

went chalking too! the weather has been really good! 
ah. i met this really cool English Lady, but she is moving to spain:(((( we got here info for the spain missionaries......

dinner at the kagaris, WE WAITED 1 HOUR FOR THE BUS, there is supposed to be a bus ever 20mins....don't know what happened but we were late, to say the least. 

saw Khanyo, she is good. We are trying to find a way to get here to church...wish us luck!

and josie, who is good, she is such a sweet old lady!

Penny Dinners, always fun!

sister plummer has an ingrown infected toe nail, so we spent a lot of time in the flat, beucase she can't walk

so hopefully the doctor can fix it today....i got to play doctor and help her soak her foot, and put stuff on it..pretty fun! 

sunday was good, we had a lot of visitors, which is nice to see new faces! and meet people with american accents.....always a good time.

patrick is good too, we saw him at volleyball night, he loves coming! so that is really good! it's been a great week!

love you!
sorry for no pictures!! next week!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

sister skagen left me to go home to pennslyvania! so it was full of goodbyes and packing!
met rob, he bought us icecream, and is planning to come to utah, and will take him to temple square in october!
evelyn (at burger king) is going to vegas is november so we will meet up with her as well!
played chair football for pday with the elders. I almost beat Elder Van Buyten (who played professionally for beligum before his mission)
Saw the Obodes, Jayden said of one elder he looked like he is best friends with bruno mars...not sure...but it was really funny! she also said I am goin to faint with laughter (note she is 8)
went to the doctors...a little bit traumatized but that is another story

Agetha came back from china! she is doing really well!
patrick is good too!
I was really sick friday and am staying with the wilsons in Limerick because I couldn't make it to Dublin...but they are so lovely!
they are the best! i got to go to Limerick Branch yesterday and they treat me very well here. I told them I'd be back next week too:) they are really really great and make me feel at home!
love you!
sister buhler