Sunday, May 8, 2016

The branch is becoming more united.

sister plummer still has a problem with that toe of hers, spent way to many days at the doctors...they know us now..hahahhaha. it's getting there.

some old man called be beautiful and ask for my number. gross. no sir. thanks anyways. 

We taught Agetha, and tired to get her to come to church.....she was like no. I hate it. I don't understand. I've already been. i'll just pray. BUT BUT. BUT sigh. 

Taught the Obodes they are good, there dad is less active and wont let the kids be baptized till they are 18:(

Penny Dinners....same old. Edmond wasn't there which is sad because I brought him a book of Mormon. next time. 

Patrick...sigh....he doesn't want to know if the church is true because he doesn't want to offend his family by being baptised......any ideas?

Games Night, I spiked the volleyball. go me. and Patrick came. and the elders investigator bought me a chocolate bar! whoot. 

Andrea is good! she is coming to llama night! this Wednesday! yay! llama night!

church was amazing!! such a great spirit there and the branch is becoming more united!! YAY!

love you 

sister buhler

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