Monday, April 27, 2015

D&C 121:7-8 My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes.

I was reading in chapter 122 of the Doctrine and Covenants, t his is what we call the "if" section. This is when Joseph Smith is in Liberty Jail, and I love it! It talks all about enduring to the end! How can we endure well? What is the opposite of enduring? Standing still, or hanging in there! I was reading the talk "Stay by the Tree" (thanks Madee) and he talks about how we can endure things well. IF we endure well then we shall be exalted on high, but it is all dependent on IF WE ENDURE WELL. I love reading about the saints, we watched the Restoration video 3 times this week with different people! They went through soo much! There are comforting words given to Joseph Smith in  D&C 122:8 he says "The Son of Man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he?" I love that. How comforting to know that Christ went through all we did, so we don't have to be alone! Art we greater than he? No. And how can we use the Atonement more fully in our life? In sacrament they talked about the young ruler who comes before Christ and asks, "What lack i yet?" I love that story. What do we lack? What more can we do to become better instruments in God's hands? 

Anyways, this week we have seen miracles galore! We had the chance to start teaching Megan and Ashby, they are 9 & 8 and want to be baptized so bad! Sister Gilardi is their aunt and their parents are both less active, but want them to learn if they want. They are just darling little girls, it was a challenge since we aren't used to teaching kids, we had to teach much more simply, which is good because the simple things in the gospel are amazing! We gave them a Book of Mormon each and they just sat looking and flipping the pages!! Ashby said I love these pages! They were both so excited! We are hoping to set a date for baptism with them next week! Chang-Ping is doing really well as well! We are trying to get him to go with the ward to the temple trip in a couple weeks, to just go walk outside the temple grounds! He is so solid, he knows that baptism is a big commitment and won't get baptized till he is fully committed! Louise came to church yesterday and one of the first thing she said was okay sisters don't be mad, but that ensign you gave me...well I gave it away. So we asked to who? And she went on to tell us that this girl across from her at the hospital used to investigate the church and wants to again, and that she would love to read the Ensign so Louise was like oh, the sisters and I will come visit you later. So sweet right? Louise is so awesome! She asked the RS Pres. to come to her house with us tuesday...We were like SWEET, she is finding her own joint teaches! Also this less active yesterday at church was telling me that he has been reading but not praying and I was next to Louise I said You have to keep praying and reading, and Louise said yea! If I can do it so can you! Haha, so she is doing really well! We got to take Abby to the park, it was a beautiful day! We sat in the shade and tossed the ball with her! I even got a tan line from my shoes! #crazytanlines We also dropped by the Mackies! They all sat and listened and we explained the Plan of Salvation! They were like oh we have to get baptized to live with God. YES! Then Sister Mackie's fiance was like..oh I was thinking I want to learn more, and ya know maybe get baptized! SWEET! So this week has been absolutely amazing! 

I love you all so much! If you get a chance you should read "The Blueprints of Christ's Church" it's amazing! Keep being awesome! xoxo Sister Buhler

Monday, April 20, 2015

"There is no other name given whereby salvation cometh..."

I've been studying agency a lot this week. We read a lot about Nephi and people in the Book of Mormon who choose to follow Christ. They use their agency to do what the Lord wants! Mosiah 5:8 "And under this head ye are made free, and there is noother head whereby ye can be made free. There is no other name given whereby salvation cometh; therefore, I would that ye should take upon you the name of Christ, all you that have entered into the covenant with God that ye should be obedient unto the end of your lives." We need to use our agency to be obedient! 

Madness of Moves Call  fell upon us this week, lots of pictures we're taking and last minute ice-cream trips. However it looks like my work isn't done in Ayr, and I will be staying for another transfer! This transfer is only 5 weeks! I feel so grateful to get the chance to be companions with Sister Hobbs, and to stay in Ayr. My fear is that after this transfer they will close Ayr!:( It's good thing the Lord is in charge, or I'd really be scared! 

The beautiful sun was out, and I think (despite what members say) that I might be getting a little tan! We were able to go do some yard work for Sister Crossbee and for Sister Edwards, it reminds me of
 being home, all the weeding...minus Madee helping me and my mother coming and checking our work

It was nice to have the sun out and about, although it was cold and raining! We have been teaching Chang Ping and Louise who both are doing very well! They are loving learning, and I love teaching and seeing the difference it makes! Chang-Ping came last night with us to a missionary fireside, he loved it! I don't think he understands a whole lot of English, but he feels the spirit and loves it! He was able to talk to a lot more members and people were so kind and welcoming. Although one man couldn't understand him and Chang-Ping asked us to translate! Hahaha. I am grateful to be out here! I love you all! have a good week!! xoxox sister Buhler

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Help thou my unbelief...."

So...this week I was reading in Mark (I've been trying to not neglect the Bible, since I love reading the Book of Mormon, I've found it harder to read from the Bible, but hey I'm trying) I love reading about the Savior.  He was so amazing! My favorite part of the book is chapter 5 and 9. It chapter 5 the women touches the hem of Christ, which is already an amazing story. Christ had soo much compassion on the people! I remind myself that Christ didn't teach the wealthy, or the people in fancy homes. He taught those that would listen! Right after, a young ruler of the synagogue says "thy daughter is dead. Why troublest thou the Master any further?" Christ turns to him and says "Be not afraid, only believe"  Only believe. How powerful are those words? As I read on I got to chapter 9 which is my favorite story from the New Testament. This is when the Father of the little boy who is possessed, the Father with such compassion asks Christ to heal his son. Christ turns to him and says "If thou canst believe, all things are made possible to him that believeth." With tears streaming down the Fathers says "Lord. I believe. Help thou mine unbelief." I can not imagine what it might have been like to watch Christ heal his son with such compassion! I love that story. The Father believes, but also admits, he needs help. Just like us. We need his help. We need to be those saying, Lord I believe, but I still need thee. 

This week has been amazing! We have been teaching Louise, and Chang-Ping, who both seem to be strengthening their testimonies! It's amazing to see the difference in their lives, and the joy that the gospel brings! Chang-Ping, is amazing! He has been praying, and has such a great desire to learn! Although his English isn't very good, it doesn't seem to be a huge problem. We have been able to have the Chinese Elders help us! He is so kind! He has been saying the closing prayer in our lessons in English! And he always says thank you for the sisters and for my good church friends. It's amazing the love that he has for all those around him! Hopefully we can go see his 240 chickens this week! 

Louise is doing good as well! She loved general conference and has been reading out of the Ensign and other church resources! She has a great desire to learn all she can, and she really tries her hardest! I love seeing her grow and find more peace in her life! 

We have been working with quite a bit of less-actives, and Sister Hobbs and I have found ourselves, more than frustrated at their non-committal to anything. So our new goal is to be "sweetly bold". The sisters serving in Kilmornick told a less active they couldn't go to the Celestial Kingdom if they didn't come to church! Hahhahah I don't know that I could say that! But we have been bold in inviting them to come back! 

Our dog-Abby got a cut in her foot, and we haven't been able to walk her:( She will probably be better not this week but next! Boy do we miss walking that dog!

Thank you for your letters, prayers, and emails! I love you and hope you have a great week!!

Sister Buhler

Monday, April 6, 2015

"Doubt your Doubt before you Doubt your Faith!"

Monday: Since we so conveniently had a car on Monday, since Sister Johnson was with us, we went out to Cumnock and tried our AUFs. This lady answered the door, and told us she was NOT a mormon anymore! We kept talking to her, and we were very persistent on showing her the "Because He Lives" video. She said probably 5 times,  then she said yes. We went in and watched the video, and spoke with her about reading the book of mormon, to gain that testimony again. She was very nice, and funny. She says she's not coming back to church, but I have faith she will. It was pouring rain, so we were very grateful for a car!

Tuesday: With the car, we went crazy we took the ward listen and drove to all our far places and met with less-actives, basically all day long. I AM NEVER GOING LESS-ACTIVE. Seriously. Like most people are less-active for the CRAZIEST reasons!! Ah. What a day. Oh, we did meet a really nice man named Dan, who has always wanted to learn more about hte "mormons". So that was really cool, we set up an appointment to come back...although without a car, should take around an hour and a half...haha gotta love travelling. We had dinner with Sister Kerr, and went to Scripture Study Class. Then we went and picked up Sister Brozzu who spent the night as well.

Wednesday: Sister Johnson and Brozzu left early that morning! And we traveled by bus to Sister Crossbee (I keep telling Sister Hobbs to break her foot so we can get a car, but she won't) We ate at Sister Walkers for lunch. And saw Sister Edwards, she really needs visiting teachers, so we are hoping to get that worked out soon! We did finding in town, and fished our way back home for dinner! 

Thursday: After Weekly Planning, we went and saw Sister Adamson, and did some finding and chapping in her area. Then we went and visited Chang-Ping, the Chinatown Elders taught him a lesson which was very good! Then we missed the bus, and spent a couple hours walking home...haha whoops. 

Friday: We went to Louise's and made Conference Books with her! And taught her an overview of the Restoration! She loved it! She is doing really well!! We went to the Newalls, and then we went home for Dinner, Sister Hobbs, wasn't feeling well so she layed down a little bit then we went to the Womens Conference, which was amazing!!

Saturday: We went and did chapping in White-city, then came home and prepared for Chang-Pings lesson! Then we went and taught him the plan of salvation, he loves learning! He took a picture of our diagram to remember, later this week we are making him his own set! Then we had General Conference!

Sunday: We went and picked up louise and took the bus with her to the Church. Chang-ping and Louise came and watched Conference, Chang-ping watched  it in Chinese, and they both seemed to really enjoy it!! We had another session of conference and came home! 

This week has been amazing! I'm grateful for my Savior, and the fact that not only did He die for me but that He LIVES! And because He lives, I can return to my loving Heavenly Father again! I wish you all the best! Cheers!!

Sister Buhler