Thursday, August 27, 2015

Alma 26:12 " Yea I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; Therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things..."

This week was super great!
I got to  spend the day in Dundee with Sister Hink and Sister Meilsoe and some other sisters, we went to Saint Andrews, which was beautiful and spent the day hanging around! Super fun! Then I got the stress of figuring out how to get back to aberdeen and pray that Sister Cheve knew where to get off! Haha, after some stress, well lots of stress we made it home around 11 pm...way too late! and took 30 minutes to carrry suitcases up 5 flight of stairs...hahah no elevators...hahah but it was good! boy did we sleep well! Saying goodbye to Sister Stevenson was hard, boy do I love her! She taught me soo much! I may have cried, but  I am glad to be with Sister Cheve, she is great! Super talented and soo funny! We taught Marco who is doing really well, he is getting baptized in Decemeber with his family in Angola! (sad we can't be there) we taught Jorge and Lucas and Alyssa, all doing well! Maree is doing good too! Nothing too different pretty normal week! oh yeah I had a birthday...haha it was really good! We taught marco and maree and we went to the geekies who gave me a good birthday cake and gifts! Richard made me a cake as well, and the zone leaders brought us ice cream and sang. Everyone was really nice, I even got sang to yesterday in primary! So great! I love Aberdeen! I'm super old, 20 crazy right?! I think so! I am trying to be nice, so we made the Elders dinner yesterday (surprise to all, i can cook) and I had to talk in sacrament! Other than that it was a fantastic week! Full of miracles! I love being on a mission!! I love you all!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Goodbye Sister Stevenson and Hello Sister Cheve!

This week has been amazing, crazy and a little stressful waiting for moves call! I will be staying and getting Sister Cheve, and Sister Stevenson is off to Cork, in Ireland! CRAZY! I will miss her! But hey we both live in for life! 
We had a barbeque with the Elders on Monday, for Elder Yates last pday. Man they are crazy it was really fun, and they came the pouring rain, I don't remember so much rain ever. super fun, and we splashed all the puddles, and man I love that rain! Liquid sunshine as President Brown told me! that it is liquid sunshine!

Marco is really good! He is so funny, he told us he would come visit us in Utah, so we could cook for him...sure Marco if you come to Utah we'll make you dinner..haha. he is really good, and his prayers have been getting better, and more reverent! 
Alyssa and Maree are really good, sad to have Sister Stevenson say goodbye to everyone, I'm glad I'm not leaving yet!
Jorge and Lucas are good as well
Nothing to crazy and out of the ordinary this week! We had lots of fun, and I'm getting my energy back, (YAY) hopefully I'll figure things out quickly! My birthday is this week (yay for being 20) and Im excited to have Sister Cheve! 

Love you al!

Sister Buhler

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Another week in Aberdeen....

Marco is doing so good! The ward is amazing and fellowshipping him!!  YAY! We taught him twice this week! He is really progressing! WOOT! 

Then Sunday he isn't at church, I am annoyed because he said he would be...but Sister Stevenson (being the positive person she is) says, he was probably up studying for his exams, and slept in. Sure sure. After church we phone Marco. 

Sister Buhler=B

m- hello?
b hey marco it's sister buhler
we were just calling to make sure you didn't die, becuase you weren't at church
(sister stevenson laughs)
m-yeah, i was up studying till 5am, and wanted to come, but didn't hear my alarm
b-oh....well are forgiven...

So moral of the story listen to Sister Stevenson!

Jorge and Lucas are doing well! Jorge is really excited to get baptized, and we are going over to help clean since there Dad is going to be gone, not just for a month but now for 2..yikes.
Alyssa and Maree: are good too! OH MY GOODNESS! Maree is getting MARRIED!! YAY! She is next September (2016), we are just happy there is a date! 

We went on exchanges with the STLs, which is always good, I am reminded how much I love these Sisters, and how grateful I am for their examples in my life!

I have been studying Alma 5, holy cow! That crazy! 
The best is vs. 26

If you have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask can ye feel so now?

boom. intense. Alma surely wants his people to seriously look at their lives, and align it better to what God wants. 

I am grateful for the prayers and fast in my heath. I am doing much better, and doctors are fixing the problems! I love you all!! Have a good week!
Sister Buhler

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Tuesday: We had District Meeting which was really good (as always) we had the Assistant to the Presidents there and the Zone Leaders, so more involvement with different missionaries, it was really good. We had Mission Coordination that evening as well. Oh and we are sitting eating dinner, and the phone rings with an unknown number, I answer conversation
me: hello, this is Sister Buhler
other: hey Sister Buhler this is Sister (something, I can't remember) from Massachusetts.
*sister stevensons jaw drops
other: we have a guy we want you to start teaching, his sister got baptized in Angola, and he lives in your area, his name is Marco
then they gave us a phone number and address. 
so we call marco, no answer but he calls us back, and we set up an time to meet, the next day
Wednesday: so we meet Marco, he is super awesome! From Angola over here studying for 2 more years! He is studying mechanical engineering! We taught him the Restoration! 
Thursday: we had planning for the week, and called some people, and tired by a couple people
Friday: This member named Richard, who Sister Stevenson re-activated, he is so funny! He knit me a hat, and is making me a scarf, anyways for my birthday we took us out to Cosmos and bought us new skirts, and a sweater! The nicest man ever!!
Saturday: We taught Marco the Plan of Salvation, his cousin sat in on part of the lesson! It was really good! He read the book of Mormon and is super sincere!
Sunday: Marco came to church! Wahoo! He loved it! After church we had dinner with the Geekies, and updated some records! 
It was a pretty good week! I'm trying to take it slow so I don't over do it! I am so glad to be teaching Marco, and this transfer we have gotten so many referrals, while I've been sick, I know the Lord knows me and loves me! I am grateful to be here! Thank you for your prayers, and all you do! I love you! have a good week!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

There is so much to be thankful for!!

Tuesday: We had a really good District Meeeting, and chapped a lot of doors (woot) We saw Maree who is doing really well, she is super amazing! And we are excited she is coming back to church!

Wednesday: We taught Jorge & Lucas, and GUESS WHAT?! JORGE IS GOING TO GET BAPTISED ON SEPTEMBER 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited! We talked to people, then went and saw Audrey, she loves to talk about Jesus, but really believes firmly in the Trinity and likes to bible bash (although we don't) so we probably won't see again...we had dinner and I made nachos which were delicious! 

Thursday: Weekly Planning and we say Elsie we taught her lol the law of chasity which turned into her lecturing us, on how we needed to keep it...hahah she said "i'm old it's easy for me! it's you two i'm worried about" hhaha she is just so funny! We taught Alyssa who is doing really well, she has a lot of questions, but loves learning!

Friday: We went out and visited a member in this small town, she cut Sister Stevenson hair, and fed us lunch! (yay!) We came back and Sister Stevenson's hair wasn't quite how she wanted it, and slightly uneven, so guess who fixed it? ME. I'm super surprised it actually looks amazing! WOOT! I'm awesome! Haha, we had a meeting and had a nice dinner!

Saturday: We went and did more knocking on peoples doors, went to the beach and talked to people, then we went to the Geekies, who are the best people ever, and they fed us homemade pizza and ROOT BEER FLOATS!! WOOT! We had some really interesting conversations as well, all in all a strange but good day!

Sunday: Church was really good, then after we had lunch, and I wasn't feeling to great, the senior couple brought some medicine, and gave me a blessing! 

I was reading in Mosiah this week and loved these two: Mosiah 2: 23-24

 23 And now, in the first place, he hath created you, andgranted unto you your lives, for which ye are in debted unto  him.
 24 And secondly, he doth require that ye should do as hehath commanded you; for which if ye do, he doth immediately bless you; and therefore he hath paid you.And ye are still indebted unto him, and are, and will be,forever and ever; therefore, of what have ye to boast?
He immediately blesses you! There is so much to be thankful for!! I love being in Aberdeen! And I love you all! Have a great week!!! 
Sister Buhler xx