Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Tuesday: We had District Meeting which was really good (as always) we had the Assistant to the Presidents there and the Zone Leaders, so more involvement with different missionaries, it was really good. We had Mission Coordination that evening as well. Oh and we are sitting eating dinner, and the phone rings with an unknown number, I answer conversation
me: hello, this is Sister Buhler
other: hey Sister Buhler this is Sister (something, I can't remember) from Massachusetts.
*sister stevensons jaw drops
other: we have a guy we want you to start teaching, his sister got baptized in Angola, and he lives in your area, his name is Marco
then they gave us a phone number and address. 
so we call marco, no answer but he calls us back, and we set up an time to meet, the next day
Wednesday: so we meet Marco, he is super awesome! From Angola over here studying for 2 more years! He is studying mechanical engineering! We taught him the Restoration! 
Thursday: we had planning for the week, and called some people, and tired by a couple people
Friday: This member named Richard, who Sister Stevenson re-activated, he is so funny! He knit me a hat, and is making me a scarf, anyways for my birthday we took us out to Cosmos and bought us new skirts, and a sweater! The nicest man ever!!
Saturday: We taught Marco the Plan of Salvation, his cousin sat in on part of the lesson! It was really good! He read the book of Mormon and is super sincere!
Sunday: Marco came to church! Wahoo! He loved it! After church we had dinner with the Geekies, and updated some records! 
It was a pretty good week! I'm trying to take it slow so I don't over do it! I am so glad to be teaching Marco, and this transfer we have gotten so many referrals, while I've been sick, I know the Lord knows me and loves me! I am grateful to be here! Thank you for your prayers, and all you do! I love you! have a good week!

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