Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I know my Saviour lives! and love me to the end! I know He died for us, so we can return to live with God. He was foreordained, He did it because of love. Because of Him, we can find more peace and comfort! If you haven't seen it check out followhim.mormon.org

we had the opportunity to go visit 2 catholic churches with Patrick! They are huge and BEAUTIFUL. but it made me so grateful for our simple churches and the spirit I feel there! We asked Patrick about lots of things, and he wasn't sure, like paying to pray, and holy water, I don't quite understand. A lot of it is the traditions of their fathers, doesnt' that sound familiar. we taught patrick about the spirit and are trying to help him recognize the spirit, and why it's at our church and all that jazz.
we met this awesome man named Rory, he likes our morals! we gave him a tour of the church and he seemed really interested!
travelled up to limerick for a conference! couple hours on the bus! and a drunk man sang new york to us when we got there.
limerick conference was amazing! it makes me so happy to be a missionary!!!! Seriously! and makes me so excited to try the new things they advise us to do! i had an interview with president, he is the best! He said even after the mission i could call whenever! i love president and sister donaldson! what great people!
we got really good burritos! they tasted like America so that was exciting
ah i met this man from Seattle and he had the cutest little 5 year old EVER, she said we were best friends! the man was baptized but no longer interested! i just want to be like COME BACK IT IS GREAT! DON'T GO PLEASE. i wonder how Heavenly Father feels.
the man on the bus was dressed like the joker.
played volleyball and patrick came! it was really fun!
The elders called when they found out we were sick with the flu and asked if we needed anything, we were like diet coke, just kidding! then we went to evelyns baptism and the elders came in with a bag with 23 cans of diet coke!!!!
Easter, I played for the primary Gethsemane! it was sooo cute!!! I love Easter!!!!! 
we saw the Obodes, and they gave us Easter eggs!!
I know my Saviour lives! and love me to the end! I know He died for us, so we can return to live with God. He was foreordained, He did it because of love. Because of Him, we can find more peace and comfort! If you haven't seen it check out followhim.mormon.org
Sister Buhler

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

i love cork!

so my week. was good, yeah it's great. i love cork!

We had dinner with the Roys, Jenna's mom sewed a dress for me (yay) and Jenna brought her friend Laura, and we were able to teach her and invite her to keep meeting with us!! It's the magical thing when members bring a friend to learn from the missionaries! seriously such a powerful lesson, and laura just felt the love of God, her Heavenly Father. It was amazing! 

We got a phone (yay) yes, the other one disappeared in the toliet somewhere...so we got that set up and running thankfully! 
We went Chalking with our whole District (8 missionaries) and it went really well! We met some really nice people and another friend of a members who wants to learn! YAY!

Jasper Abobon got baptised, he is 8 and they are Phillipeans so TONS OF FOOD, it was awesome! and after he was baptised everyone clapped, non members feel the spirit and don't know what to do, so often times they all just start clapping, it is something to rejoice at.

Patrick's birthday and we went out to dinner, we taught him the Word of Wisdom, he has been off alcohol for a month....he can do it! He came to church yesterday, brought sandwiches! and said the closing prayer in sunday school!!
St. Patricks Day.....a day to drink......
we weren't allowed in the city...because people start drinking at 10am. 
and no one really wears green...who knew.
but we wore green and made cookies for members and delivered them! 
And we ate the McDonalds irish burger...so it was a great day!

We had this feeling to go try by a less active we had never met, and we found her in, she let us come back and we were able to teach her! I love when that happens, because you know you were following a prompting from the Lord! 

Games night- Patrick and hannah came and we played volleyball! 

we had this idea! To do a True or False about the Mormons,
we typed up all these rumours we heard and true doctrine put them all in a bowl and went out with the Elders and cleared up some rumours! It was really good! People were really friendly and everyone likes games...and we brought star burst if they were right! #bonus!

We were also invited to Avery's birthday party she turned 5! It was soo cute! She was like it makes me so happy when the sisters come for dinner! they have the CUTEST kids ever!

As Easter is coming up I want to reflect and ponderize the scripture in Matthew 26:22 "And they were exceeding sorrowful and began every one of them to say unto him, Lord is it I?" what a powerful scripture and I love the talk "Lord is it I?" none of the disciples pointed fingers, they looked inside themselves and asked sincerely if it was them?

I know that Christ did rise on the 3rd day, and that He lives! #hallelujah 
Happy Easter!!


Sister Buhler 


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

my week was great! super crazy............ready!?!?!?!?

The weather has been beautiful!! Seriously sun is shining and only one pair of tights! holla at that. 

We were able to do lots of finding! YAY my favourite! 

We went whiteboarding! You write a question on a board and have people answer it....some were really nice.......some....not at all. some man decided to come up to us and yell at us telling us we are a cult and are wrong and didn't know Christ...oh man...so i was like "sir...i am sorry you feel that way...but we are going to ask you to leave" he wouldn't.....sooo we moved..it was crazy..he was proper yellin at us....but we met some really nice people and made friends with these girls collecting for their school....Gene and Megan they were so nice! anddddddd we did some chalking too we drew the plan of salvation in chalk #wearecreativekindof and was really good! I talked to this guy who had a friend in Utah, i told him to go to the vistor center in Salt Lake maybe he will. Oh and I met this guy who works for a company in Draper, and another lady with the same companion..Crazy right?! Literally I'm like we are missionaries and they are like let me guess you are from Draper, utah...um what?! yes? it was crazy!!!

OH MY GOODNESS! I promise we are usually great tenants...........but not this week.....

so our washer was full of water...so we got down to the drainer...probably the size of a quarter...and WATER EVEYWHERE AT SUCH A RAPID SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then whilst trying to get it to stop


on our door 


we had a previously bad experience with some creepy people at the door

QUICK call the Elders

and they came speedy quick half not wearing shoes....

just our polish neighbors.....yeah....their house was raining.......

yeah....sooooo that happened.

then sister skagen may or may not have flushed our phone...i don't mean it got wet I mean it disappeared and umm is gone....so this week has been....good?

no it really has been great! we are excited for this week! meeting with loads of new people and more finding! finally feeling better:) andddd it's st. patricks day!!! in ireland...you better believe it will be good!!!

1 Peter 3:15 "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and reverence."
(see JST)


Sister Buhler

Monday, March 7, 2016

Ponderize: Alma 33:11 "And thou didst hear me because of mine afflictions and my sincerity; and it is because of thy Son that thou hast been thus me3rciful unto me, therefore I will cry unto thee in all mine afflictions, for in thee is my joy; for thou hast turned thy judgements away from me, because of thy Son."

Another week down....gone way too fast!!

Ponderize: Alma 33:11 "And thou didst hear me because of mine afflictions and my sincerity; and it is because of thy Son that thou hast been thus me3rciful unto me, therefore I will cry unto thee in all mine afflictions, for in thee is my joy; for thou hast turned thy judgements away from me, because of thy Son."

thisssss weeeeeekkkkkkkkk

More blood work (yipee😒) THEN WE GOT THE COLD FROM THE GROWING MOLD IN THE BATHROOM. sick all day. the Elders went to our appointments.

Oh yea we talked to this older man, who asked if he could date sister skagen....she was like um no thank you.....it was pretty funny! we also talked to this really cool guy who said he would meet with us, so here's hoping.

 we drove down to clonakilty! woot! and we visited Josiephine, she is in a old folks home. I have such a love for her! she is amazing! We sang a couple hymns with her, and felt of such a sweet sweet spirit!

 we traveled up to Limerick for District Conference (stake conference) and I was able to talk to President Donaldson, he is great. The conference was great! we stayed with another set of sisters at this old sister flat that no one was currently staying at...literally so stupidly posh! Heated towel racks and a large fridge? and NICE MATTRESS?! like what the?! can we move in?! please?!

The limerick elders told us to go find someone from them to teach, we laughed but promised we would. we got back to the flat around 8.30. Only 30 minutes and we didn't have dinner.....so we went to this pizza place by the flat ordered pizza and went to find someone.

There was literally one man on the street clear up ahead....so we ran after him!

We talked to this African family about the Book of Mormon, they were born again Christians and did not want to hear us! Man. It is only going to bless your lives!! Just try it! but they didn't want it....yet....

i can't believe another week gone and done. time needs to slow down.

I'm trying to think of crazy things that have happened this week.......

we drove out to baltimore and didn't die...took some pictures on a blue boat
so there is this really old blue boat just sitting there so we just stop the car park it and are like we will move quick and just take some pictures..we are about to and a tractor starts coming so we pull more into the side so it can get past (one lane road) we take pictures and Sister Skagen starts backing up the car, I have to stand outside (rules and what not) and I am like quick a horse is coming...wait.  a horse is coming? and turn around and literally remember the video with mr. todd and he is riding in the little wagon type riding a horse? that is what it was...MADNESS i tried to take a pic..and the best i got looks terrible...if you zoom you can kind of see it.lol
we were squished into a tiny car for like 2 hours and i thought i was going to die....literally the car was making terrifying noises and i could hardly breath.
yikes. 😨
Mick is this old man with disabilities in a wheelchair, we only meet him like every other week. He is crazy. Literally there is tons of traffic and i'm pushing him in the wheelchair and he just starts going using his feet..like Mick there is cars!
Oh and! one night after giving our number to everyone! this number texts us like 80 times! 😱"Joseph Smith is gay" like every 3 seconds! Then they block us.

i might cut my hair....any ideas? i am sick of it...and you know change? maybe....

I love you all!!
Sister Buhler

Sunday, March 6, 2016

A LIGHT AND LIFE THAT ARE ENDLESS He is the light that shows us the way to life eternal! BLAH. i Love the scriptures...then this week i chose (today) this scripture from doctrine and covenants 121:44 "that he may know that thy FAITHFULNESS is stronger than the cords of DEATH." do others see my faithfulness and feel that it's stronger then the cords of death? is my faith stronger then those cords? something i thought about during my study this morning.

so yea my week.
Tuesday: we had district meeting which was really good! we talked about being kind to others and having Christ like love, even to the people that spit on us. then we taught Patrick, he is doing good, he read some stuff on the internet (dodgy) and  then came to us (phew) apparently on Wikipedia it names all of Joseph smiths wives? craziness, we were able to explain it, and he said it made sense. we picked up some vitamins for Sister Skagen, and got our blood pressure checked.
Wednesday: we went to the doctors...which was pretty pointless. then we went ha ha and taught this born again man named Eric, who basically told us we were brain washed and to get out of our cocoon, Soo what do you do when that happens? testify. then mid my testimony he says "so where do i pick you up for church" WHOA WHOA WHOA what?! we were like um no...he was so funny and crazy, what a lesson! then we taught Agetha about coming to church, she finds it boring because there is a language barrier...it is really hard to get her to come out! boo.
Thursday: we went and visited khanyo, she had 2 friends there! it was amazing! We talked about how God answers prayers, and joined there family...wahoo! they were so fun! then we visting Josie Yaxley, she is in an old people home, she used to fly helicopters for the war! YEAH SHE'S PRETTY GREAT! so we got to hear her awesome stories!!!!! Then we had dinner with Hannah, she is doing good, she is excited to get to go to the temple!
Friday: We saw Buhle (right like almost my last name) but said buhhleaaa, yea. She was great too!!! Then we saw Patrick again, still good! Then we went to Yoga Night! The elders investiagator teaches it, so he came, it was fun! Oh yea and we got pizza right before and literally hide and ate it with 2 kids....it was really funny.
Saturday: the Quirkes made us a Barbecue! It was freezing but really good! we made cookies! Went and saw Laura and her mother Mags, which was good, then had dinner at the Peters, I learned how to make curry and some good soup! GO me.
Sunday: Sister Skagen was sitting next to our new investigator Georgia and I was playing the piano and then sat by Patrick and Hannah, and everyone thought I got moved! HAHAHA It was so funny! seriously all day, I got comments like "oh sister buhler you didn't move" umm...no? it was funny. Apparently know one pays attention to the pianist...oh and im learning how to play the organ. then we saw anne-marie and her kids! and then the stapeltons!!
we got moves call and we are both staying in Cork! YAY!!!!!
have a great week!!!

Sister Buhler