Sunday, March 6, 2016

A LIGHT AND LIFE THAT ARE ENDLESS He is the light that shows us the way to life eternal! BLAH. i Love the scriptures...then this week i chose (today) this scripture from doctrine and covenants 121:44 "that he may know that thy FAITHFULNESS is stronger than the cords of DEATH." do others see my faithfulness and feel that it's stronger then the cords of death? is my faith stronger then those cords? something i thought about during my study this morning.

so yea my week.
Tuesday: we had district meeting which was really good! we talked about being kind to others and having Christ like love, even to the people that spit on us. then we taught Patrick, he is doing good, he read some stuff on the internet (dodgy) and  then came to us (phew) apparently on Wikipedia it names all of Joseph smiths wives? craziness, we were able to explain it, and he said it made sense. we picked up some vitamins for Sister Skagen, and got our blood pressure checked.
Wednesday: we went to the doctors...which was pretty pointless. then we went ha ha and taught this born again man named Eric, who basically told us we were brain washed and to get out of our cocoon, Soo what do you do when that happens? testify. then mid my testimony he says "so where do i pick you up for church" WHOA WHOA WHOA what?! we were like um no...he was so funny and crazy, what a lesson! then we taught Agetha about coming to church, she finds it boring because there is a language is really hard to get her to come out! boo.
Thursday: we went and visited khanyo, she had 2 friends there! it was amazing! We talked about how God answers prayers, and joined there family...wahoo! they were so fun! then we visting Josie Yaxley, she is in an old people home, she used to fly helicopters for the war! YEAH SHE'S PRETTY GREAT! so we got to hear her awesome stories!!!!! Then we had dinner with Hannah, she is doing good, she is excited to get to go to the temple!
Friday: We saw Buhle (right like almost my last name) but said buhhleaaa, yea. She was great too!!! Then we saw Patrick again, still good! Then we went to Yoga Night! The elders investiagator teaches it, so he came, it was fun! Oh yea and we got pizza right before and literally hide and ate it with 2 was really funny.
Saturday: the Quirkes made us a Barbecue! It was freezing but really good! we made cookies! Went and saw Laura and her mother Mags, which was good, then had dinner at the Peters, I learned how to make curry and some good soup! GO me.
Sunday: Sister Skagen was sitting next to our new investigator Georgia and I was playing the piano and then sat by Patrick and Hannah, and everyone thought I got moved! HAHAHA It was so funny! seriously all day, I got comments like "oh sister buhler you didn't move" it was funny. Apparently know one pays attention to the pianist...oh and im learning how to play the organ. then we saw anne-marie and her kids! and then the stapeltons!!
we got moves call and we are both staying in Cork! YAY!!!!!
have a great week!!!

Sister Buhler

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