Monday, February 22, 2016

my week....

my week.... blah it was CRAZY!!!!!

tuesday: we taught Patrick! It was soo good we taught about the plan of salvation and told him to pray about it! He promised to say the closing prayer next week! he has such a sincere desire to know!  We had District Meeting which was good too! then we went to the Branch Presidents home for dinner:) He gave us ice cream!! YAY!๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘

wednesday: we went and got my garda card (garda is police, it's a card saying you are legal to live in the republic of ireland) and got all my passport stuff sorted! I know have to the end of my mission to be in ireland, so don't worry! then we went and taught Aodhan (agon), he is so funny! He just wants to be close to God, and was so grateful that he could be baptized and accepted a date to be baptized! OH MY GOODNESS! then we taught this man named Mark, who previous sisters taught, we ran into him and the grocery store on Monday, and arranged to meet with him. He got there and we were explaining what we did as missionaries...he is like "what's your first name?" and I usually don't give that out, because #missionary #immasister
so i say we just go by sisters on our mission.
"what's your name?!"
sister buhler?
"no!!! (*seems to be getting quite mad) what's your name"
me: looks at sister skagen
who makes an attempt to explain it..."umm it's nothing against you...we just don't give it out. sorry"
gets awkward...and i'm like well here's a book of mormon...did the sisters give you one?
oh well...
"can you have boyfriends?"
not in ireland but back home
"do you have a boyfriend"
me: umm (then i get a feeling to just say yes) yes, sister skagen and i both do back home.
"oh well...thanks" AND STANDS UP AND LEAVES


blah. our joint teach was dying! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
then we got Mcdonalds with a member...Virgine
then we went and taught Agetha! hahah we are reading the pamphlet about the Word of Wisdom, I read a paragraph and ask so what did you like in that
Agetha: oh. i just like your voice
me: ummm okay then

*later in the lesson
agetha: you are really mature sister buhler. where do you learn from?
sister skagen: you should see her at the flat
thursday: we borrowed the Elders car to go out to west cork and visit a less-active who is in her 70s and lives on an island...her name is Ingrid๐Ÿ˜
we are driving there and we keep getting this feeling like we shouldn't go....we talk and don't know why so we keep going...then we pull over and are like we should not we decided to go use the bathroom and head back into the city...sooo we pull into Clonakilty...we are literally walking into this cafe and this lady is staring at us, we say hello and she is super friendly (which is unusual) so we are like oh have you met missionaries before? she then explains she was baptized a year and a half ago in finglas (dublin) and moved here a year ago, and has been praying everyday to meet the missionaries because it's too far and no bus will get her to church. tears filled her eyes, and we sat and read a scripture about God answering prayers! He works in mysterious ways, and calls the weak, we just have to listen! We then prayed about visiting Ingrid and felt we should. so off we went. Ingrid is amazing! ah we just love love LOVE HER!๐Ÿ˜
then we went and taught Ann-Marie and her kids, Jayden and Jonah! They are darling kids!
friday: we went to penny dinners (feeding the homeless) and some man told sister skagen she'd be the perfect wife! hahahahhahha๐Ÿ˜… we wear fake wedding rings because sometimes it gets pretty bad, but sister skagen forgot it and borrowed the elders ctr ring to wear. hahhaha๐Ÿ˜…
then we went to powdermill which is an old people home and talk to this lady mona...then this man came out and started playing the according and mona got SO MAD! it was so funny though, she was like kick him out, he's doing that just to bug me! and he just kept playing, then he wanted to teach me how to play....yea fail...and mona got all mad at me saying she thought i was her friend! hahah she is so funny! so i had to apologize! haha
then we say Laura and Hannah, and went to the Branch activity!
saturday: we gave Patrick a church tour! branch meeting. then the Elders had a baptism! the spirit was so strong. this man Mark met them this week, and lives in china, he explained he'd been looking for the missionaries, because he wanted to be baptized, they taught him everything, and he is going to back to china today, where he wouldn't be able to be baptized so they had a baptism and he recieved the aaronic priesthood too. I was such a cool story!
sunday: church and the peters for dinner! nothing too crazy!
today we went to blarney castle and kissed the blarney stone!!!!!


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