Sunday, February 7, 2016


well time has come for me to leave Aberdeen, I am going to miss it. 9 glorious months here and i'm leaving:(( But i'm excited for Cork, Ireland!

monday: we went to the gothers for dinner, my last dinner:( sad goodbye to all 7 dogs 
tuesday: district meeting....the last one...aka this week was full of last times....i know sad sad sad day. we did finding and had our meeting with the ward
wednesday: we did more finding spoke to a really nice guy named tudor! then we went to the Davies for dinner! 
thursday: we saw Maree and Alyssa they are so fun! I am going to miss them tons- they are getting all ready for the wedding!
friday:taught michael about prophets, he has some learning disabilities and so we are struggling to get him to understand! It was Elder Treases birthday so we had a surprise lunch for him at pizza hut, it was pretty fun
saturday: saw the Lamas, and met with Jude, saw Elsie and did finding in the FREEZING COLD! seriously it is freezing!!!!
sunday: church and saw rena and the geekies.

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