Thursday, April 21, 2016

oh boy oh boy....this week!

sooo good old sister plummer came to cork!

i was supposed to meet her in Limerick...but that didn't happen. I went  to get her at the bus station and found out she was in Cork (2 hour drive away) this is at 10pm....soooo
Elder Salinas and Mulville drove me down to Cork. we got sister plummer, and got to our flat at 12pm...what a night! oh what a long night! 
i apologized for the mess...because i didn't get the chance to pick up since i was sick. 

It was sad to say goodbye to the wilson...I love them. But i'll go visit them in's fine. 

went whiteboarding.....super fun! met a really cool guy named Brian with a cute son Kyle! Who we are hopefully seeing this week!
the new elders seem really nice!

agetha is doing goood! we took brother quirke with us, and he asked her if she had a testimony of the gospel. He is so bold, I love it! We were able to have a really good lesson with her, hopefully she'll come to church!

went chalking too! the weather has been really good! 
ah. i met this really cool English Lady, but she is moving to spain:(((( we got here info for the spain missionaries......

dinner at the kagaris, WE WAITED 1 HOUR FOR THE BUS, there is supposed to be a bus ever 20mins....don't know what happened but we were late, to say the least. 

saw Khanyo, she is good. We are trying to find a way to get here to church...wish us luck!

and josie, who is good, she is such a sweet old lady!

Penny Dinners, always fun!

sister plummer has an ingrown infected toe nail, so we spent a lot of time in the flat, beucase she can't walk

so hopefully the doctor can fix it today....i got to play doctor and help her soak her foot, and put stuff on it..pretty fun! 

sunday was good, we had a lot of visitors, which is nice to see new faces! and meet people with american accents.....always a good time.

patrick is good too, we saw him at volleyball night, he loves coming! so that is really good! it's been a great week!

love you!
sorry for no pictures!! next week!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

sister skagen left me to go home to pennslyvania! so it was full of goodbyes and packing!
met rob, he bought us icecream, and is planning to come to utah, and will take him to temple square in october!
evelyn (at burger king) is going to vegas is november so we will meet up with her as well!
played chair football for pday with the elders. I almost beat Elder Van Buyten (who played professionally for beligum before his mission)
Saw the Obodes, Jayden said of one elder he looked like he is best friends with bruno mars...not sure...but it was really funny! she also said I am goin to faint with laughter (note she is 8)
went to the doctors...a little bit traumatized but that is another story

Agetha came back from china! she is doing really well!
patrick is good too!
I was really sick friday and am staying with the wilsons in Limerick because I couldn't make it to Dublin...but they are so lovely!
they are the best! i got to go to Limerick Branch yesterday and they treat me very well here. I told them I'd be back next week too:) they are really really great and make me feel at home!
love you!
sister buhler

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

so my weekkkkkk

went to a farmers market and got burritos with the elders...they were really good....also elders made brownies....that is why i'm getting so fat.

saw Gary, and then he came with us and we saw patrick. 

oh man, if any one has advice PLEASE SHARE. 

Patrick is 22 and he is really nice, going to uni, and his family is catholic, he started meeting with us, stopped drinking, BUT HE WON'T PRAY ABOUT ANYTHING WE TEACH, or be baptized, he just doesn't see the point of truly knowing....any suggestions?

had delicious food at the stapeltons, trav made like noodles, and it was like pad thai and it was amazing! 

we saw Josiephine, I love her. We found out we will be loosing the car this week, so i don't know how we are going to get down and see her, but where there is a will, there is a way! i am determined!

we saw Phindie, and Khanyo which was really good, we shared about Alma 26

we saw ingrid! she made sister skagen a goodbye cake, and it was amazing! 

we got to go to Cobh(cove) and see Gary's family, they are all less-active, we didn't get to share a message, but we could tell his father, missed the church, when we were getting ready to leave, he said the closing prayer. later that night gary sent us a message saying "thank you. I haven't seen my father pray for years."
what a sweet tender mercy the Lord was able to give us, by letting us be apart of it, and apart of this families lives, we look forward to getting to know them more.

we had dinner with the Roys, and were able to speak to Laura about General Conference, what a blessing when these investigators already have a friend, if you know anyone who isn't a member, invite them to learn from the missionaries, it won't do any harm!:) Laura did come to conference to the Saturday Afternoon, sunday morning, and loved it.

penny dinners, and sister skagens last penny dinners, they let her give a speak and gave her a round of applause, it was funny. Everyone had their phones out and everything! totally awesome! 

met with Jerome, and while at burger king, this drunk man was getting pretty upset at sister skagen (don't know why) so we had to leave, it was scary, but yet we feel peace from God. we were able to talk to Jerome about him mission papers. 


i loved the henry b. eyring in the womens session! 
we need to listen and DO. 

i loved donald l. hallstrom...we met i'm once...HE IS SO NICE. 

 what is our eternal identity?

they all were good!! 
ah we also meet Elder kearon, his was amazing too! 

some random quotes i love.

"reach out. and take His hands"

he did this just for me

i am a child of god and i know it. 

the choices we make now. determine our destiny. 


God sees us as we truly are and He see us worthy to rescue.

The Lord doesn't make it easy, but he makes it possible. 

if we live the gospel then tomorrow will always be magnificent. 

I thank God for a prophet to lead us and guide us in these days!!!

Sister Buhler