Monday, January 26, 2015 rain for 4 days

 No rain Monday- We had p-day, then went to the Gilaridis for dinner! Brother Gilardi owns a backery (stobbs) which we get free food at! So that's super awesome! (aka sister buhler is getting fat) DIET ASAP. Anyways, we went to White City and did some try bys, no one was home. There was a group of guys playing football (soccer) and we were trying to talk to them (and give them books of mormon) but they were pretty focused on football. 

No Rain Tuesday- We had District Meeting-those are always good. Elder Scheuermann is an amazing missionary and district leader. We talked about how to share our purpose as missionaries on the street as well as with members! We had district lunch! I made chicken noodle soup soo it was delicious! We went and visited Sister Adamson who is a less-active who is trying to quit smoking, we go over there weekly and read from the Book of Mormon, wherever she is. She is soo wonderful, and I think she is really starting to understand and become more focused on quitting smoking! We went and saw the Mackies, Sister Mackie is a less-active, and she shared a scripture in Alma, and told us she would really like to stop putting up walls between her and the gospel! We were soo excited! The children are amazing! Rebecca is 11, Ben is 9, David is 8, and wee Ian is 5. We taught them about Nephi slaying Laban, hoping to get them excited about stories in the Book of Mormon, we had all the kids draw the story, wee Ian's picture was of Nephi holding a sword in one hand, and in the other Laban's head. Then he asked "why is it all about killing?" We explained why Nephi should kill Laban, and this upcoming week we will be telling them about the Brother of Jared! We had a scripture study class, Brother Newall came, and Brother McClenin was very good about explaining the Tree of Life. I learned so much, and the spirit is always so strong there! 

No Rain Wednesday- After study and what not, we went and visited Sister Shepard (her husband is not a member) we talked with them and took there dog Abby for a walk (neither of them are well to take the dog, so we take her once a week, and so do the Elders) The dog is so funny! She just goes down when a car drives by, she's great, and when we stop to talk to people she just lays down! It's awesome! We got to talk to a lot of people, and a lot were curious about why an American was here. (a lot of people notice my accent lol) We did some try by's to a lot of people but no one was in. We did a lot of chapping, and a lot of people were not super happy to let us come back but we will keep trying! 

No Rain Thursday- We had weekly planning (woo) And then we went and visited Sister Crossbee who was taken to the hospital. We spoke with her and her son and daughter in law. We Went to Masonhill to "find" people that we don't know from the ward list (since the ward list has 250 people but there are only like 50 at church). But most of them have moved. We had mission coordination and I'm grateful for Brother Donaldson (Ward Mission Leader) he is very involved which really helps to keep the work moving. 

RAIN Friday- We went to Sister Gilardis and help her cut and wrap food for New Beginnings. She is Stake Young Womens President and that's a stake activity so we helped cut fruit and what not, it was really fun and we learned how to cut a pineapple and melon! Then we went to Prestwick, which is weird because we were suppose to go to white city, but both Sister H. and I thought no, so we headed to Prestwick, we dropped by 2 potiential investigators and both weren't in, feeling a bit down, we said a prayer. We tried by a less active, and she let us in right away. Explained she hadn't been to church in 50 years! And how her husband pasted 18 months ago, and she was lonely. We talked to her, and she said she did family history on I said "have you heard of" No she hadn't I pulled out my family history booklet, and pedigree chart and talked to her about it. I shared a couple stories about Grandma and Papa, and she got  sooooo excited! I told her I'd bring her a booklet, and we'd be back later to teach her how to work familysearch and what not! IT WAS AWESOME!!! Sister Hurskainen and I were sooo happy! We went to the Newalls, he is really progressing and has completely given up coffee. We met there son and family, who were in town visiting! 
RAIN Saturday- We taught Craig about the Restoration again, we taught him and the Donaldsons which was such a blessing because both are converts and have amazing testimonies on the restoration! We then traveled and visited Sister Camara a less active. We talked with her, and she was at church on Sunday. We then traveled to see Mrytle (we met her a couple weeks ago while chapping she has jehovah witnesses come over every sunday, but accepted a book of mormon, and invited us back) I was so afraid she wasn't going to let us in, but she did! We talked with her about the Book of Mormon and gave her a part to read. She promised she'd read it. And we will be back 2 times this week! Traveled home and both Sister H. and I really I mean REALLY had to use the toliet. We walked by this Ice Cream shop, I saw ice cream, then toliets and we stopped, hahah we spoke with the owner who is really nice (and we plan to go back and talk more about the church! we can be really sneaky) anyways, then we stopped by the kebab place and gave a book of mormon to the owner. And got pizza there, then because of the time there were no buses so we walked home (about a 45 minute walk)

Rainy Sunday- We went to church-Sister Camara, Sister Adamson, Brother Corrigan (craig), and Brother Newall were there! After church we went home to make cookies since I offered cookies to a lot of people in hopes to drop by and receive referrals! Haha, so we made like 60 cookies, and went out and delivered some to the Mackies!! Moves call came-Elder Wynder is heading to Glasgow! And everyone else stays! 

Hope you all had a wonderful week! I love the Lord and this mission! I love you all! 


Sister Buhler

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

110mph Wind and Rain storms....followed by SNOW

Monday-We went to the Langs for dinner, it was delicious! We told them we aren't aloud to have any more weekly dinner went good...haha awkward...we just let Elder Scherurmann explain that was good, came home and went to bed. 

Tuesday- We had a District Meeting, the Elders in Strenraer picked us up so we didn't have to walk so that was super awesome! Also meant we almost died like twice....they are crazy. We had an appointment with Margret and Thomas but they weren't home! So we did finding in the area and then went to the Mcdonalds (less active family) had a lesson there, briefly talking about the tree of was good, we had our scripture study class that evening and then had training! 

Wednesday- We did training at the church and family history! We are trying to learn the website so we can use that as a door approach...I have a hard time with it, so it's going to be fun! We went and dropped by the Lees, Sister Lee was sick, so we chatted and she told us how her and her husband met (on facebook) they were engaged without meeting face to face within 10 days! It's a crazy awesome story,he's from Canada, but they are very happy! We did some chapping by her home, and then we went to the Mackies, who guess what? weren't's been a weird week. So we went and visited Sister Adamson (less active) she was grateful to see us, and is trying to quit smoking! Then we did more chapping, and it was POURING RAIN, and I thought I might die. I was getting frustrated so said we'd better stop and say a prayer, the next house we chapped said we could come back! It's crazy how the Lord works! After that we prayed and Thanked the Lord for all the blessings we had seen, and also for the day we had. Went home and set our clothes to dry and went to bed. 

Thursday- We had weekly planning! Then we went with the Elders, to the Healys (less-active family) It was Sister Healys birthday, so we baked a cake. We had a lesson with them, and then went to dinner at the Gilardis. President May was there, he is in charge of the ward social which was supposed to be a Burns Nights, which is this Scottish thing to celebrate...idk some guy...haha you eat haggis and sing Scottish songs. It's funny that President May is in charge for 2 reasons. 1-he works in Scotland so he spends like 4 weeks here, then 2 weeks home. 2 reason- his "home" is good ole Kentucky. Hahah, so it's now Burns night with a Kentucky twist...aka Kentucky Derby.. I told him I'd be there if he brought Kentucky Fried Chicken..he agreed! Haha, good fun. Then we were supposed to have a mission coordination but the Ward Mission Leader..didn't show we ended up singing songs at the church. Then went home and went to bed.   (Picture to the right is of all our really wet clothes after the rain storm)

Friday- We tried by Margret and Thomas again, but no answer! Then went to Sister Walkers for lunch, we had fish and chips. We went to leave, and she gives us this bag with chocolate...I told her we didn't need it, and she laughed and then proceeded to put shampoo and body wash in the bag. I said "Sister Walker, what can we do for  you?!" She then handed us lip stick and lip gloss...that's not what I meant. She finally agreed that next time we came, she'd let us serve her...I think we are going to give her a pedicure..or try to. Then we went to Coylton to this lady that was on our less active list...we chapped on this door, and when this lady answered we asked "Sister Wallice?" Apparently not..haha she told us to never come back. We were laughing soo hard. Oh man, who knows why some get so offended. Good times, hahaha.The best part, is that everything was covered in snow, so nothing could break our good moods! Then we went to the Newalls, (brother newall is a less active) We read Ether 12, which felt like it was more for us, then him. We had a very good lesson there, and then went home for training and dinner.
Saturday- Woke up with the stomach flue. So I went back to bed till 11am, got up around 5. And was sleeping from 6 untill the next morning. Meanwhile Sister Hurskainen cleaned the entire flat, and made a new less active list, birthday list and what not. 

Sunday- Went to church, then came home and was still sick so I slept the rest of the day. 

Monday- Still a little sick, but mostly better! Today will be a good day!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

We will Baptize all

Monday: After P-day, which isn't all day like they make it sound! But it's till 6, we then went and ate at the Langs (the people you met on Christmas), Sister Lang, is a convert to the church she been in it about 4 years, but holy awesomeness her testimony is amazing! It's always great to go visit them and learn as we share messages! 

Tuesday: We had a Scotland West Conference! IT WAS AMAZING! President Brown is such an amazing man! He seriously is the best of the best! We talked all about our new goals, and mission plan for 2015! I'm so glad I'll be out for all of 2015! But it's crazy to think about! He is so inspired of the Lord, and has such a great love for him! I love him and his wife! We then had a meeting with Brother McClenin he is in the bishopric of what we learned and the ward's mission plan!

Wednesday: We went to lunch with a less-active Sister Robertson! She's wonderful! Then we went and taught this lady named Margret who we found on Saturday, she knows that God is there, so we talked to her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon! Then half way through her son Tommy came home, he is 32, so we taught both of them, and plan to go back later this week! We did some chaping in the area and on the way home! We then went to the church to have Craig's baptism interview with Elder Schermann! He did great! Elder Schermann only had great things to say! We looked at the font, which needed seriously cleaning, and cleaned that it took about an hour, to get mold and dead bugs all gone! We made sure we had Craigs size for clothes, and paperwork filled out! 

Thursday: We went on exchanges with the STLs (sister training leaders)  I was able to go to Irvine (about 30mins away from Ayr) with Sister Montgomery! It was wonderful! She is so amazing, and has such a great spirit! I learned soo much from her! We taught a man named David, and had dinner at the Broadfoots, which was so inspired because they are over YSA for the stake (our stake as well) so I was able to get info and talk about Craig going! 

Friday: We got back to Ayr, and had weekly planning, then I got the stomach flue (yippee) and stayed in to recover for a couple hours. We taught Brother Newall (a less active) he knows it's true and has begun to pray regularly! It is amazing the difference we see in peoples lives! 

Saturday: We got the church early and did family history work and some training! Then we filled the font and set up for the baptism! Craig was baptized by Brother Dickson on the 5th try! It was such a lovely spirit! Craig's mom and gran came out for it! Both non-members, and we jumped on that opportunity! The ward did some great help with fellow-shipping them! We went and did chaping and got two appointments for later in the week, it was such a lovely day! Oh yeah, lovely but not in the weather, they was a code red sent out, (we didn't hear about(since we don't have the news)) So it was a terrible storm, which was AWESOME more people let us inside!!! Haha, it was crazy!! (crazy fun) Then we had Kababs? Idk,  it's sheep with's a tradition for the greenies (i.e. me) to eat them. So that's what we had for dinner, let's just say I probably won't eat it again! But what a good day!

Sunday: Craig was able to receive the Holy Ghost, and had his interview to receive the Priesthood next Sunday. We did some try-bys to some less-active families and to some potential investigators! Then we went and had Ward Council and some meetings with the WML. 

I am so grateful for this oppurtunity I have to been in Ayr serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I know this is the true church! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God. I know that following the commandments and prophet we will find so much happiness! I love this gospel! I love my companion! I love my Savior! I know he died for us, but most importantly I know He Lives! I am grateful for all the support I've had! I love you all! 


Sister Buhler

Monday, January 5, 2015

Sooooo it rained......

It rains everyday...literally. Good thing I love the rain!

We have been teaching Craig this week! And guess what the BAPTISM is officially on! THIS SATURDAY!

Oh it was awesome! New Years Eve we ordered Dominos! IT WAS AMAZING! AND SUPER EXPENSIVE! Haha, but we had coupons! New Years Day we got to go to 2 families from the ward homes. We played Fluxx, and some dragon game...I won one round of fluxx.

Haha, it's so good to get back to work after the holidays! It's so nice to have a break, but it makes you realize how much you love the work! I have been so blessed by my area and the ward here, they are soo nice and always feed us and give us chocolate!:) Oh and Sister Hurskanien and I found fancy wine glasses in our flats, and have been drinking soda water, and diet coke and drinks in those at night, it is very fun!

I made peanut butter bars for a family we are teaching the Mackies (thanks to Meags recipe they were AMAZING(not as good as meagans are though)) and I was complaining that we don't have a whisk, so the next day the Elders gave us a whisk! Haha, so that's nice!

We have been doing a lot of chaping and talking of family history work because it's a good way to get people that are older to talk to you! We met a lady named Margret and are going to teach her about how she can see her daughter (who died in October) again! We found her after knocking and talking to a bunch of not interested people. It's so great to have the miracles, and to know you are doing the Lord's work! That's been my week! OH yea we had to check the font for the baptism and it clearly hasn't been used in over a year, there is dead bugs everywhere, so guess who gets to clean that!?! Yep Sister Buhler...oh what fun, we are making the Elders come help...hahaha. The Lord is so aware of me and continues to amaze me everyday! I love Ayr! I love you all! And I love the Lord! Have a wonderful week! Cheers!
Sister Buhler