Tuesday, January 20, 2015

110mph Wind and Rain storms....followed by SNOW

Monday-We went to the Langs for dinner, it was delicious! We told them we aren't aloud to have any more weekly dinner appointments...it went good...haha awkward...we just let Elder Scherurmann explain things....so that was good, came home and went to bed. 

Tuesday- We had a District Meeting, the Elders in Strenraer picked us up so we didn't have to walk so that was super awesome! Also meant we almost died like twice....they are crazy. We had an appointment with Margret and Thomas but they weren't home! So we did finding in the area and then went to the Mcdonalds (less active family) had a lesson there, briefly talking about the tree of life...it was good, we had our scripture study class that evening and then had training! 

Wednesday- We did training at the church and family history! We are trying to learn the website so we can use that as a door approach...I have a hard time with it, so it's going to be fun! We went and dropped by the Lees, Sister Lee was sick, so we chatted and she told us how her and her husband met (on facebook) they were engaged without meeting face to face within 10 days! It's a crazy awesome story,he's from Canada, but they are very happy! We did some chapping by her home, and then we went to the Mackies, who guess what? weren't home...it's been a weird week. So we went and visited Sister Adamson (less active) she was grateful to see us, and is trying to quit smoking! Then we did more chapping, and it was POURING RAIN, and I thought I might die. I was getting frustrated so said we'd better stop and say a prayer, the next house we chapped said we could come back! It's crazy how the Lord works! After that we prayed and Thanked the Lord for all the blessings we had seen, and also for the day we had. Went home and set our clothes to dry and went to bed. 

Thursday- We had weekly planning! Then we went with the Elders, to the Healys (less-active family) It was Sister Healys birthday, so we baked a cake. We had a lesson with them, and then went to dinner at the Gilardis. President May was there, he is in charge of the ward social which was supposed to be a Burns Nights, which is this Scottish thing to celebrate...idk some guy...haha you eat haggis and sing Scottish songs. It's funny that President May is in charge for 2 reasons. 1-he works in Scotland so he spends like 4 weeks here, then 2 weeks home. 2 reason- his "home" is good ole Kentucky. Hahah, so it's now Burns night with a Kentucky twist...aka Kentucky Derby.. I told him I'd be there if he brought Kentucky Fried Chicken..he agreed! Haha, good fun. Then we were supposed to have a mission coordination but the Ward Mission Leader..didn't show up..so we ended up singing songs at the church. Then went home and went to bed.   (Picture to the right is of all our really wet clothes after the rain storm)

Friday- We tried by Margret and Thomas again, but no answer! Then went to Sister Walkers for lunch, we had fish and chips. We went to leave, and she gives us this bag with chocolate...I told her we didn't need it, and she laughed and then proceeded to put shampoo and body wash in the bag. I said "Sister Walker, what can we do for  you?!" She then handed us lip stick and lip gloss...that's not what I meant. She finally agreed that next time we came, she'd let us serve her...I think we are going to give her a pedicure..or try to. Then we went to Coylton to this lady that was on our less active list...we chapped on this door, and when this lady answered we asked "Sister Wallice?" Apparently not..haha she told us to never come back. We were laughing soo hard. Oh man, who knows why some get so offended. Good times, hahaha.The best part, is that everything was covered in snow, so nothing could break our good moods! Then we went to the Newalls, (brother newall is a less active) We read Ether 12, which felt like it was more for us, then him. We had a very good lesson there, and then went home for training and dinner.
Saturday- Woke up with the stomach flue. So I went back to bed till 11am, got up around 5. And was sleeping from 6 untill the next morning. Meanwhile Sister Hurskainen cleaned the entire flat, and made a new less active list, birthday list and what not. 

Sunday- Went to church, then came home and was still sick so I slept the rest of the day. 

Monday- Still a little sick, but mostly better! Today will be a good day!!!

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