Monday, January 26, 2015 rain for 4 days

 No rain Monday- We had p-day, then went to the Gilaridis for dinner! Brother Gilardi owns a backery (stobbs) which we get free food at! So that's super awesome! (aka sister buhler is getting fat) DIET ASAP. Anyways, we went to White City and did some try bys, no one was home. There was a group of guys playing football (soccer) and we were trying to talk to them (and give them books of mormon) but they were pretty focused on football. 

No Rain Tuesday- We had District Meeting-those are always good. Elder Scheuermann is an amazing missionary and district leader. We talked about how to share our purpose as missionaries on the street as well as with members! We had district lunch! I made chicken noodle soup soo it was delicious! We went and visited Sister Adamson who is a less-active who is trying to quit smoking, we go over there weekly and read from the Book of Mormon, wherever she is. She is soo wonderful, and I think she is really starting to understand and become more focused on quitting smoking! We went and saw the Mackies, Sister Mackie is a less-active, and she shared a scripture in Alma, and told us she would really like to stop putting up walls between her and the gospel! We were soo excited! The children are amazing! Rebecca is 11, Ben is 9, David is 8, and wee Ian is 5. We taught them about Nephi slaying Laban, hoping to get them excited about stories in the Book of Mormon, we had all the kids draw the story, wee Ian's picture was of Nephi holding a sword in one hand, and in the other Laban's head. Then he asked "why is it all about killing?" We explained why Nephi should kill Laban, and this upcoming week we will be telling them about the Brother of Jared! We had a scripture study class, Brother Newall came, and Brother McClenin was very good about explaining the Tree of Life. I learned so much, and the spirit is always so strong there! 

No Rain Wednesday- After study and what not, we went and visited Sister Shepard (her husband is not a member) we talked with them and took there dog Abby for a walk (neither of them are well to take the dog, so we take her once a week, and so do the Elders) The dog is so funny! She just goes down when a car drives by, she's great, and when we stop to talk to people she just lays down! It's awesome! We got to talk to a lot of people, and a lot were curious about why an American was here. (a lot of people notice my accent lol) We did some try by's to a lot of people but no one was in. We did a lot of chapping, and a lot of people were not super happy to let us come back but we will keep trying! 

No Rain Thursday- We had weekly planning (woo) And then we went and visited Sister Crossbee who was taken to the hospital. We spoke with her and her son and daughter in law. We Went to Masonhill to "find" people that we don't know from the ward list (since the ward list has 250 people but there are only like 50 at church). But most of them have moved. We had mission coordination and I'm grateful for Brother Donaldson (Ward Mission Leader) he is very involved which really helps to keep the work moving. 

RAIN Friday- We went to Sister Gilardis and help her cut and wrap food for New Beginnings. She is Stake Young Womens President and that's a stake activity so we helped cut fruit and what not, it was really fun and we learned how to cut a pineapple and melon! Then we went to Prestwick, which is weird because we were suppose to go to white city, but both Sister H. and I thought no, so we headed to Prestwick, we dropped by 2 potiential investigators and both weren't in, feeling a bit down, we said a prayer. We tried by a less active, and she let us in right away. Explained she hadn't been to church in 50 years! And how her husband pasted 18 months ago, and she was lonely. We talked to her, and she said she did family history on I said "have you heard of" No she hadn't I pulled out my family history booklet, and pedigree chart and talked to her about it. I shared a couple stories about Grandma and Papa, and she got  sooooo excited! I told her I'd bring her a booklet, and we'd be back later to teach her how to work familysearch and what not! IT WAS AWESOME!!! Sister Hurskainen and I were sooo happy! We went to the Newalls, he is really progressing and has completely given up coffee. We met there son and family, who were in town visiting! 
RAIN Saturday- We taught Craig about the Restoration again, we taught him and the Donaldsons which was such a blessing because both are converts and have amazing testimonies on the restoration! We then traveled and visited Sister Camara a less active. We talked with her, and she was at church on Sunday. We then traveled to see Mrytle (we met her a couple weeks ago while chapping she has jehovah witnesses come over every sunday, but accepted a book of mormon, and invited us back) I was so afraid she wasn't going to let us in, but she did! We talked with her about the Book of Mormon and gave her a part to read. She promised she'd read it. And we will be back 2 times this week! Traveled home and both Sister H. and I really I mean REALLY had to use the toliet. We walked by this Ice Cream shop, I saw ice cream, then toliets and we stopped, hahah we spoke with the owner who is really nice (and we plan to go back and talk more about the church! we can be really sneaky) anyways, then we stopped by the kebab place and gave a book of mormon to the owner. And got pizza there, then because of the time there were no buses so we walked home (about a 45 minute walk)

Rainy Sunday- We went to church-Sister Camara, Sister Adamson, Brother Corrigan (craig), and Brother Newall were there! After church we went home to make cookies since I offered cookies to a lot of people in hopes to drop by and receive referrals! Haha, so we made like 60 cookies, and went out and delivered some to the Mackies!! Moves call came-Elder Wynder is heading to Glasgow! And everyone else stays! 

Hope you all had a wonderful week! I love the Lord and this mission! I love you all! 


Sister Buhler

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