Monday, February 2, 2015

Another week in AYR

Tuesday- We started doing training and planned the day to go to Troon (20 minute train travel) and visit and bring cookies to people...when all of the sudden Sister Mackie texted us (literally out of the blue) and asked what we were doing? We (Sister H. and I) looked at each other....and finally decided she did need help with something, we cancelled our trip to Troon. And told Sister Mackie, we would be over in a hour with trousers to clean. She accepted!!!! We cleaned her house and talked to her about growing closer to the Lord! It was awesome! We felt our relationship was able to be stronger through serving! Then we visited a less active Sister Kerr, which is always wonderful, we talked about our favorite scriptures! Then we had scripture study class-I brought sugar cookies and everyone LOVED them! So much they asked me to make more cookies for this weeks class....nice? right? haha, oh yes and Elder Scherurmann asked Brother Newall to pray (Brother Newall is a less-active who has never prayed for Sister Hurskainen and I because he "isn't ready") and guess who prayed!?!?! Sister Hurskainen and I just looked at each other! IT WAS AWESOME! 

Wednesday- We got to walk Sister Shepard's dog Abby despite the pouring rain, and Abby loved it! We really enjoy that hour we get to walk with her! Then we went and did family history! Then we went to the Cairns for dinner! They are super lovely and got asking about Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, apparently Jeffrey R. Holland mentioned them in a talk or somewhere and Brother Cairns was dying to try them! Because I have awesome family and friends! I had Reeses and gave them to him yesterday! We then went and did some chapping!

Thursday- We had weekly planning! And then went to Coylton and did try by' one was in! Then we went to Myrtle with Sister Churimba and it went good! Apparently the Jehovah Witnesses were interested with the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith....long story short...we might get to meet with them....and they might come to church! Haha, loads of fun! 

Friday-We went to Troon! We visited a couple less-actives and tried by a referral who was not it! Then we went to the Ward Activity-Kentucky Night...haha they had KFC (delicious) and we played Minute to Win it games! 

Saturday- We went to Whitecity and tried by a couple people. Then went to see a referral from the Elders, her name is Sian, she is super cool, an atheist (not for long), and we have an appointment to go back later this week! then we had dinner, but we basically just stuffed food in our face since we had like 20 minutes to eat before we were supposed to start our fast...hahah then we went to the Newalls, and guess who said the opening prayer?! That's right Brother Newall, I wish I got a picture of his wife's face! Priceless! We had a great discussion on 2 Nephi 31, and he said he was ready to pray in front of people. Such great news! We sang all the way home! 

Sunday- Fast Sunday! We had ward council! And we taught Young Womens, to the lovely 3 young womens. It's such a difference being in such a small ward! After church we went to Prestwick! We have a large ward list and so we have lots of people on the list that no one we went to their addresses, most of them haven't lived there in like 5 years...clearly an old list, but glad to get things done! We had dinner at Natasha's she is 17 and is planning on serving a mission, her parents are in America, so it was just her. She comes out with us a lot and is seriously amazing! Then home for training! 

Today- We are going to the I'm pretty excited...then we have dinner with the Langs! Can't wait for the upcoming week! 


Sister Buhler

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