Tuesday, February 24, 2015

D&C 19:28 And again, I command thee that thou shalt pray vocally as well as in thy heart; yea, before the world as well as in secret, in public as well as in private

Monday-after errands and what not, we decided to put on our trousers and head of to the wilderness (basically our backyard) next to our flats there is a river, of course we wanted to know where it went...so us and the Elders sent off. Lots of mud, and water everywhere, we went under tunnels and climed over trees, I face planted it, into the mud....sooo my back hurt. ha, it seems I'm always the one to fall! Oh well. After that we ended our fast, and delivered cookies to all our neighbors, we have SUPER awesome/nice neighbors. They were like "Oh yeah we see you coming and going if you need anything, you know where I live" just super great! We tried by John who wasn't in and came home.

Tuesday- We had District Meeting, those are always very good, we went to White city, and did some try bys and finding!Literally we did 4 hours of FINDING! It was super great! We met this guy named Terry, he is super nice, and hopefully we will see him at church! Then we taught seminary for Brother Cairns, and had scripture study class! Dinner, and that was us!

Wednesday- We did some finding in the town in the morning, the Elders invited us to go to lunch with a couple who investigated the church years ago, Sandra and Ben. When we got there they were super excited, saying we were the first girl mormons they had ever met! We had a fantastic lunch, I told Sandra I liked Mexican food, so she kept calling me her mexican....it was funny. We will go back next month, and hopefully invited them to dinner with the Gilardis! Hoping all goes well! Then we walked Abby, we bought her a ball, and she was so excited! I love that dog. Then we did finding in town, tried to speak to this man from Greece, but he clearly didn't really understand us. So that was interesting! Then we went home and dropped by Julie-Anne's on the way. 

Thursday- We took a train to Troon to find out our appointment was cancelled so we took a train back to Ayr, had weekly planning. We went and visited Louise in the Hospital and went to the Gilardis for dinner. Then we had mission coordination and some finding in Forehill!

Friday- We went Street Boarding with the Elders-basically you go to town with a board, saying things like Is there a God? etc. and just try and stop people and talk to them! Super good, I talked to this guy Daniel who is super cool and willing to pray and what not, so we are hoping to see him soon! Then we went to Sister Edwards-she should be getting glasses, so she is determined to come to church on Sunday! She is doing very good! Then we went and did finding! Then had dinner and training!

Saturday- We went and visited Sister Adamson. Then did some try by's in Dalmilling. Then we went and did some finding in town-which was super crazy because it was super busy, but very fun! Then we visited the Newalls, and came home for dinner!

Sunday- We had stake conference so we travelled to Pasily, Sister Shepard gave us a ride, which was super great because I don't love trains. Then we came home, and went to the Colbornes for dinner! After that we went to White City and saw Sister Burns, then we came home and had training!

Monday- We had zone development day. We played football at this park, and it was pouring rain, freezing, super windy, but totally awesome! By the time we finished everyone was frozen and completely covered in mud! After that we got locked out of the church and spent 30mins waiting for help. Then we finally got warm! There was a talent show- I played the piano upside down( haha we titled it Book holding with a bit of piano playing) Sister Hurskainen held the hymn book for me...it was great. It was nice to have a day to just have fun!

Hope you all have had a great week! Love you tons!!!

Sister Buhler

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