Monday, February 9, 2015

2 Nephi 2:22 "Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation."

Monday- we went to the beach with the Elders, the beach was beautiful we played football, and hiked this wee hill. Then we found this wee playground, so away we went. There is one part of the playground that just looks like a big I got on and we started to spin, well I flew off and hit the ground with a hurt.. we had a good laugh, because I'm not the smartest and went to the Langs for dinner. After dinner we tried to drop by at Julie-Anne who wasn't in! 

Tuesday- We had a great District Meeting, afterwords we went to Sister Adamson, she is doing very well! She is really trying to draw closer to the Lord, and it's amazing to see the difference it is making in her life! Then we went and visited Sister Edwards, she is doing good, we told her we'd be teaching her all the missionary lessons again, since LITERALLY she hasn't been to church in 53 we will need to refresh somethings. We did some chapping (which is knocking on doors) and went to the Scripture Study Class. 

Wednesday- We walked Sister Shepard's dog named Abby. Then we dropped by a couple less active and potential investigators no of which were home. We went to Sister Kerr, she made us dinner which was super good and had her 2 wee grand kids over. Destiny and Darren. Destiny is 3, Darren 6. Okay, so it can be hard enough to understand little kids, but now imagine with a HEAVY scotish accent. I couldn't understand a word Destiny said, but I think she liked me she sang
us a lot of songs, and sat by me and held my bible while we taught Sister Kerr, then I braided her hair like Elsa, and I think she said come back soon....maybe....Then we traveled home!

Thursday- We started with 3 lessons, all got cancelled! We went to Sister Walkers for lunch, and then dropped off a birthday card and sweet to a less active. Then we did finding in the town, and try by's in town as well. Then dropped by the Mackies to find Rebecca (the oldest) pasty white saying her and both her parents were sick. So we ran home made a big pot of chicken noodle and delivered it! They were very excited...hopefully it tasted good! Also, when you take a bus with a big pot of soup it's a good conversation starter since most people are staring at you like you've gone mad. Good times. Good times.

Friday- Weekly planning. Then....exchanges...I had to lead the area. I was so terrified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So. Sister Johnson came, and we took a bus to Sister Edwards, we ALMOST missed our stop but didn't! Phew! Then we went to try by Mackies who weren't in, so we did chapping on the street over. We had a couple people say yeah maybe you can come back, but no solid appointments. Then we chapped (knocked for the Americans) on this ladies door, she got talking to us, and invited us in!!!!!!!!!! We were like woah, (that never happens) so we went in and talked to her about the plan of happiness! It was awesome! Her name is Jennetter. She is lovely. Then we went to The Newalls for dinner, 3 course meal, I was full after the first it was good! We talked with Brother Newall about Mosiah 5 and I made an attempt to be like Sister Hurskainen very smart with great comments. Then we got lost coming out of there house.....and once we came out we chapped the street next to the street we live one was having us. We chapped on this one door and this old man answered said he had read the book of mormon.....then his cat ran outside and we LOST THE CAT. I feel so bad! We tried super hard to catch her, I pulled out my torch and tried to help, we looked for 15 minutes and the man gave up! We are going back this week and making sure he found his cat...if not...we'll find him a new cat! 

Saturday- We did some finding in town center, which was super busy! We stopped these 2 Jehovah Witnesses, and talked about! They said they'd check it out for sure, it was awesome! We did some try bys I say "okay, Anne Macdonald of 7 Russel Drive, don't forget" and then go to push the button literally like 10 seconds later and say "9 right?" Sister Hurskainen laughed seeing I had already pushed 9, and said no. 7. Whoops, so this lady answers and I say "we are sister missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of later day saints" and she opens the door, I just stared at Sister Hurskainen, we walked up to her door, and she said "sorry, I couldn't hear you" We talked with her, and she was super interested with told her why we share this message and how we can become closer to our families through Jesus Christ. She was super great and we set a return appointment for this week! Then we visited Sister Burns (less-active) and then went to Myrtles she is doing good! Then we went and updated the Progress Report! 

Sunday- Church, which was super great! I love the ward!! Then we went and visited a lady named Mary Gilmore...she is in her 80s, and very ill. She can't make it to church because literally she can't leave her home. She just was put in the Ayr Hospital- 10 minutes away from us a couple days ago. We went and visited her, she is amazing, my heart was so full of love for her. Afterwards we went and met the Bishop in town and went to dinner at his home. Then we came home and had training and updated our Area Book! 

Today- we decided to do a spring cleaning! So we re did the whole flat and moved everything! So yeah...good times!!

Hope you have a great week! Love you all!

Sister Buhler

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