Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mosiah 23:21-22

Not a whole lot to report on because i am typing at a members and its on an ipad and its hard ahahha

Mosiah 23:21-22

Santa float aka sata on the back of a truck with music raising money for charity 
And zianchi is good he is amazing 
Maree and  alyssa are  well too 
Rena came to church
Michael is good
Alesandra is a new investigator she is super cool
We met elder kieran and he was amazing!!!!!!
It was so uplifting !!!
Anyways sorry for the short note

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

This week has flown by and we have seen many miracles!!!


Nick is really good, he is progressing and didn't say no to baptism like he has done before (yay)
Maree and Alyssa also good. Maree is getting married on the 26 of February! YAY!
Elsie: doing good, haha out of the habit of coming to church
Rena: doing well as well, no more chicken pox. 
Michael: is good, he said he believes the book of mormon is true!!
Zianchi: a new investigator, he is amazing! He was so grateful that we gave him a Book of Mormon, he acted like we gave him a million dollars, that is how everyone should act! if only
Jorge and Lucas: doing well, didnt' make it to church:( BUT are getting baptized on the 19 of Dec. 

Other things: 
I officially hit my year mark boooooo
I found out a go home a week earlier also boooo
(not that i don't love you all, but please can time SLOW DOWN)
someone told me i sound french...oh dear.
we walked 4 dogs, who hate other intense...and awesome
I got a flue shot (yes, i did. i know be proud, i did with my agency)
          and yes my arm was killing for days. 
i picked up a cat...go me. 
a rabbit bit sister cheve
we ate the best cupcakes EVER
we built snowman, that are darling! out of socks! woot!
sister reed spent the day with us, and she is wonderful

all in all a great busy week 
love you lots!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"We love him, because he first loved us" 1 John 4:19

This week has been really good!

Michael: is doing good, hard to know if he really understands
Nick: really good, we have seen such a big change in him, YAY
Maree & Alyssa: also good, there fish got sick and died so that was sad. 
Rena: Has the chicken pox
Bruno: started teaching, he is really cool student his parents are Muslim but he was so excited to read from the Book of Mormon
Petch: was in England this week. 

other things:
while on the way to buy medicine yesterday because I wasn't well at all, and yes it was Sunday and we debated and decided we needed it, so off we went and guess what!? Our tyre is completely flat. Not even joking you. My life is joke. sooooooo we had to call the Geekies who came to our rescue and put the spare on and we got in fixed this morning. Again my life is joke. 
our bolier is fixed! YAY! no more borrowing showers and no more stinky sisters
exchanges were this week , Sister Stewart and Sister Pennock came over they both served with Sister Hobbs, so that was super fun, they are just great!
Thanksgiving was delicious!!! 
We rearranged our flat, which made us have to take apart the bed and put it back together, pretty sure Sister Cheve was going to kill me becuase the whole night I just kept saying "i'm a builder!!"
We saw the Gothers with there 7 dogs!! Good times.....

welp that's all folks! I ken you'll all have a great week!

Sister Buhler