Tuesday, March 3, 2015

D&C 46:30 He that asketh in the Spirit asketh according to the will of God; wherefore it is done even as he asketh.

Tuesday: We taught Young Womens- we made a cake it was a lot of fun! We dropped by the Mackies who seem to always be sick! Seriously though!

Wednesday: We did some finding in town, we had lunch at Stobbs and work on Family Histroy! We went to visit Sister Kerr, but she wasn't home yet, so we waited for her and spoke with her daughter Hope who is super great and very amazing testimony! We had more finding and had dinner! 

Thursday: We went and walked Abby! She is super great and got the chance to talk to Sister Shepards neighbor! Then we had weekly planning! Then we did finding in town the whole night! And forgot about dinner (whoops) but it was an awesome night! We got a couple numbers and contact info for some super cool people!!!:)

Friday: So we go to Coylton and did service for Sister Crossbee, then we go to talk a bus to Drongan (10 mins away on a bus) we wait over an hour then this older man comes up and tells us the bus drivers are on strike! WHAT?! So we (of course) believe him...we call Sister Walker and make an attempt to try and explain we can't make it, by this time we are already 30 minutes late...so we go to the Sharkey (because I REALLY had to use the toliet) and we stop at a gas station and get food, then we find a bus heading back into town...we are slightly confused but grateful for the bus, so we get to the bus station and ask Are the bus drivers really on strike?!?! Of course not...apparently one bus broke down..or something...so we have no idea what that man was saying...oh well. We went and did finding in town and then visited Sister Edwards. She is so lovely and always calls us her darlings. It's super awesome! Then we went to KFC (yes. it's true) and then to the Newalls! 

Saturday: We went to Sister Adamsons who is doing good. Then had lunch, then went and did finding in town!! It was good...we talked to a couple super crazy people..but it was good! Then we went home had dinner, started our fast, did our primary lessons, and updated our progress report!

Sunday: Church was great! We had the chance to teach Primary, there were 2 kids and they were great! I taught them how to sing the Latter-Day Prophet song...which was super good, we had a race to see how fast they could go! The kids loved it so much...that we will be teaching next week too! It's good because I love Primary!:) Then we went and did finding on the River Ayr, which is just this big hang out place, then ended up somehow on this road with a couple house..intrigued we chapped them. Okay so we knock on this guys house (it's raining) and he insistently say come in come in. .We are like what? is your wife home? he says yes yes. Soooo we awkwardly look at each other and go inside...we walk in and there is him and his wife, their daughter who later just went upstairs (around age 5) and there 8 year old son, who is handicapped and his brain is about 18 months. okay so we are like, hey we didn't introduce ourselves,we are the missionaries. Anyways they are Roman Catholic, and he sees the Elders walking all the time, and had lots of questions! So we have this great discussion on the Restoration! We gave them a Book of Mormon, and prayed then we left! They are going out of town for a month, but we will go back when they return! IT was AWESOME! So we continued chapping and then did finding, we tried by some friends in white city. Then we came home had dinner and training. 

So my week was crazy awesome! I know the Lord answers my prayers, and I am so grateful to have the knowledge of His church! I love my Savior!! I love you all! Hope you had a great week!!!

Sister Buhler

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