Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mosiah 23:10 Nevertheless, after much tribulation, the Lord did hear my cries, and did answer my prayers, and has made me an instrument in his hands in bringing so many of you to a knowledge of his truth.

Monday: We went to the Colbournes for dinner. They fed us so much food! And have such a great spirit in there home, it is quite lovely. We did some finding in town! We got to talk to this really cool man, who is not interested because he is a priest for the Church of Scotland, but he was very nice, and we had a good discussion. 

Tuesday: We had Zone Conference...Those are always really nice. We talked about having the Holy Ghost in our lives. Because we need the spirit to teach, find, live..haha everything. We got to see Because He Lives. Oh man! The church did an amazing job! I think they release it this week! Go check it out!!!! #becausehelives becausehelives.mormon.org! It is so amazing! 

Wednesday: We got to walk Abby, oh and the sun was out! It was beautiful, people are WAY more friendly when the rain isn't beating down! So it has been very good! I haven't wore tights ALL WEEK!!:) I hate tights. But Sister Hobbs and I are trying to get a tan...you think we would, I  mean we are out ALL day! But besides the point! We had KFC for lunch! Yum. And then we took some biscuits to Sister Edwards-she was having a bad day...it must be so hard loosing someone so close to you! We dropped by and she was missing her husband Roy, he died 18months ago from cancer. We are really working with her to come back to church and rebuild her testimony! Then we went and dropped by Louise-she is very lovely, and hopefully we will be able to see her at church, when her health gets a little better! We had the Langs for dinner, which is always nice. They make me feel right at home! I love them! We talked about Christ and the important role he plays in our lives! I love Easter time because everyone becomes more focused on Christ! 

Thursday: We went to lunch with Sister Walker-she is so lovely. She always gives us junk food (that we don't need) and she gives us shampoo and body wash, etc. She is soo nice. We then had weekly planning. And went to Dinner at the Gilardis! We had a Relief Society Party, Sister Hobbs is soo funny, we made everyone laugh by our table design! 

Friday:  We went and walked by the River Ayr, it is a good place, lots of people walk there dogs and what not.  We talked to this group of people from the New Life Church, they were so friendly (they stopped us) and asked us about what we believed. It is always nice to talk to friendly people! We had dinner at the Newalls-they are so nice and lovely! They are just some of the nicest people you'll ever meet! 

Saturday: We went and helped Nan and her daughter clean and go through clothes. It was really nice to build that friendship. We went and tried by a referral, although she wasn't interested we invited her to the Missionary Easter Concert! Which is Missionaries throughout the mission, travel and sing around Scotland! Then after that we had dinner, and then we got to teach Chang-Ping, he is from China, and doesn't speak very good English, so we had the Chinatown Elders skype us, and we are both working with him. He has such a great spirit and desire to learn more! 

Sunday: We taught Primary! We love Primary! After church we went to Bishop Deweys and ate Dinner. When we got back to Ayr, Sister Hobbs, felt very sick, so we went home and took a small nap, and updated the Area Book, and then did some Finding in Town. 

Monday: Yesterday was Zone Development, and I'm sooo sore! Lol, I feel like a whimp, but I was doing high knees...so it's mostly my fault. It was a nice day so we spend most of the day outside! It's so nice to just relax! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! xx

Sister Buhler

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