Monday, March 9, 2015

Faith is not physical exertion it is utilizing words. FAITH IS POWER.

Monday: We went to the Langs:) She helped us make a cake for Sister Donaldson which was totally awesome! Then the Irvine Sister Training Leaders spent the night at our flat since they were coming to District Meeting the following morning...Sister Montgomery had her hair cut by a less actives friend...and it was TOTALLY we all made an attempt to fix it.

Tuesday: District Meeting, which was good all on Faith! Our District is so amazing! Everyone is such great missionaries and examples! Then we went to Ayr River and did Finding over there by the University. Then we visited Sister Kerr, and went to scripture study class!

Wednesday: We went and taught Louise which went very good! Then walked Abby, visited Sister Edwards. Had dinner with the Cairns, and went Finding in town!

Thursday: Weekly Planning! The Ladles came and inspected our flat we (ALMOST) got excellent! Then we went and did finding by the University and had dinner at the Gilardis and went to Mission Coordination!

Friday: We went and did service for Sister Crossbe, then had lunch at Sister Walkers! Then we did finding in town! And Sister Edwards fed us dinner, and we visited her! Then we went to the Newalls!


Sunday: Church..guess who was called to speak? yep. me. nice. I hate. speaking. I was trying so hard not to talk super fast. Also we taught Primary! And...Sister Edwards came to church! Ah, oh yeah and our former investigator Chi Ping (chinese), apparently he was traveling Europe...oh...we just thought you dropped IT WAS AWESOME! Then we did some finding in town! We went to the Bishops for Dinner, and came home and got MOVES CALL. Sister Hurskainen is headed to the middle of nowhere in Stornaway! And my new companion will be Sister Hobbs! Super exciting

Monday: We just found onsies....for 3 pounds..they were only sale, they normally were 30 we bought them..then packing! Super great!

Hope you all have a wonderful week, thank you for the prayers and emails!! xx
Sister Buhler

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