Monday, January 12, 2015

We will Baptize all

Monday: After P-day, which isn't all day like they make it sound! But it's till 6, we then went and ate at the Langs (the people you met on Christmas), Sister Lang, is a convert to the church she been in it about 4 years, but holy awesomeness her testimony is amazing! It's always great to go visit them and learn as we share messages! 

Tuesday: We had a Scotland West Conference! IT WAS AMAZING! President Brown is such an amazing man! He seriously is the best of the best! We talked all about our new goals, and mission plan for 2015! I'm so glad I'll be out for all of 2015! But it's crazy to think about! He is so inspired of the Lord, and has such a great love for him! I love him and his wife! We then had a meeting with Brother McClenin he is in the bishopric of what we learned and the ward's mission plan!

Wednesday: We went to lunch with a less-active Sister Robertson! She's wonderful! Then we went and taught this lady named Margret who we found on Saturday, she knows that God is there, so we talked to her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon! Then half way through her son Tommy came home, he is 32, so we taught both of them, and plan to go back later this week! We did some chaping in the area and on the way home! We then went to the church to have Craig's baptism interview with Elder Schermann! He did great! Elder Schermann only had great things to say! We looked at the font, which needed seriously cleaning, and cleaned that it took about an hour, to get mold and dead bugs all gone! We made sure we had Craigs size for clothes, and paperwork filled out! 

Thursday: We went on exchanges with the STLs (sister training leaders)  I was able to go to Irvine (about 30mins away from Ayr) with Sister Montgomery! It was wonderful! She is so amazing, and has such a great spirit! I learned soo much from her! We taught a man named David, and had dinner at the Broadfoots, which was so inspired because they are over YSA for the stake (our stake as well) so I was able to get info and talk about Craig going! 

Friday: We got back to Ayr, and had weekly planning, then I got the stomach flue (yippee) and stayed in to recover for a couple hours. We taught Brother Newall (a less active) he knows it's true and has begun to pray regularly! It is amazing the difference we see in peoples lives! 

Saturday: We got the church early and did family history work and some training! Then we filled the font and set up for the baptism! Craig was baptized by Brother Dickson on the 5th try! It was such a lovely spirit! Craig's mom and gran came out for it! Both non-members, and we jumped on that opportunity! The ward did some great help with fellow-shipping them! We went and did chaping and got two appointments for later in the week, it was such a lovely day! Oh yeah, lovely but not in the weather, they was a code red sent out, (we didn't hear about(since we don't have the news)) So it was a terrible storm, which was AWESOME more people let us inside!!! Haha, it was crazy!! (crazy fun) Then we had Kababs? Idk,  it's sheep with's a tradition for the greenies (i.e. me) to eat them. So that's what we had for dinner, let's just say I probably won't eat it again! But what a good day!

Sunday: Craig was able to receive the Holy Ghost, and had his interview to receive the Priesthood next Sunday. We did some try-bys to some less-active families and to some potential investigators! Then we went and had Ward Council and some meetings with the WML. 

I am so grateful for this oppurtunity I have to been in Ayr serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I know this is the true church! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God. I know that following the commandments and prophet we will find so much happiness! I love this gospel! I love my companion! I love my Savior! I know he died for us, but most importantly I know He Lives! I am grateful for all the support I've had! I love you all! 


Sister Buhler

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