Monday, January 5, 2015

Sooooo it rained......

It rains everyday...literally. Good thing I love the rain!

We have been teaching Craig this week! And guess what the BAPTISM is officially on! THIS SATURDAY!

Oh it was awesome! New Years Eve we ordered Dominos! IT WAS AMAZING! AND SUPER EXPENSIVE! Haha, but we had coupons! New Years Day we got to go to 2 families from the ward homes. We played Fluxx, and some dragon game...I won one round of fluxx.

Haha, it's so good to get back to work after the holidays! It's so nice to have a break, but it makes you realize how much you love the work! I have been so blessed by my area and the ward here, they are soo nice and always feed us and give us chocolate!:) Oh and Sister Hurskanien and I found fancy wine glasses in our flats, and have been drinking soda water, and diet coke and drinks in those at night, it is very fun!

I made peanut butter bars for a family we are teaching the Mackies (thanks to Meags recipe they were AMAZING(not as good as meagans are though)) and I was complaining that we don't have a whisk, so the next day the Elders gave us a whisk! Haha, so that's nice!

We have been doing a lot of chaping and talking of family history work because it's a good way to get people that are older to talk to you! We met a lady named Margret and are going to teach her about how she can see her daughter (who died in October) again! We found her after knocking and talking to a bunch of not interested people. It's so great to have the miracles, and to know you are doing the Lord's work! That's been my week! OH yea we had to check the font for the baptism and it clearly hasn't been used in over a year, there is dead bugs everywhere, so guess who gets to clean that!?! Yep Sister Buhler...oh what fun, we are making the Elders come help...hahaha. The Lord is so aware of me and continues to amaze me everyday! I love Ayr! I love you all! And I love the Lord! Have a wonderful week! Cheers!
Sister Buhler

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