Thursday, April 14, 2016

sister skagen left me to go home to pennslyvania! so it was full of goodbyes and packing!
met rob, he bought us icecream, and is planning to come to utah, and will take him to temple square in october!
evelyn (at burger king) is going to vegas is november so we will meet up with her as well!
played chair football for pday with the elders. I almost beat Elder Van Buyten (who played professionally for beligum before his mission)
Saw the Obodes, Jayden said of one elder he looked like he is best friends with bruno mars...not sure...but it was really funny! she also said I am goin to faint with laughter (note she is 8)
went to the doctors...a little bit traumatized but that is another story

Agetha came back from china! she is doing really well!
patrick is good too!
I was really sick friday and am staying with the wilsons in Limerick because I couldn't make it to Dublin...but they are so lovely!
they are the best! i got to go to Limerick Branch yesterday and they treat me very well here. I told them I'd be back next week too:) they are really really great and make me feel at home!
love you!
sister buhler

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