Thursday, April 21, 2016

oh boy oh boy....this week!

sooo good old sister plummer came to cork!

i was supposed to meet her in Limerick...but that didn't happen. I went  to get her at the bus station and found out she was in Cork (2 hour drive away) this is at 10pm....soooo
Elder Salinas and Mulville drove me down to Cork. we got sister plummer, and got to our flat at 12pm...what a night! oh what a long night! 
i apologized for the mess...because i didn't get the chance to pick up since i was sick. 

It was sad to say goodbye to the wilson...I love them. But i'll go visit them in's fine. 

went whiteboarding.....super fun! met a really cool guy named Brian with a cute son Kyle! Who we are hopefully seeing this week!
the new elders seem really nice!

agetha is doing goood! we took brother quirke with us, and he asked her if she had a testimony of the gospel. He is so bold, I love it! We were able to have a really good lesson with her, hopefully she'll come to church!

went chalking too! the weather has been really good! 
ah. i met this really cool English Lady, but she is moving to spain:(((( we got here info for the spain missionaries......

dinner at the kagaris, WE WAITED 1 HOUR FOR THE BUS, there is supposed to be a bus ever 20mins....don't know what happened but we were late, to say the least. 

saw Khanyo, she is good. We are trying to find a way to get here to church...wish us luck!

and josie, who is good, she is such a sweet old lady!

Penny Dinners, always fun!

sister plummer has an ingrown infected toe nail, so we spent a lot of time in the flat, beucase she can't walk

so hopefully the doctor can fix it today....i got to play doctor and help her soak her foot, and put stuff on it..pretty fun! 

sunday was good, we had a lot of visitors, which is nice to see new faces! and meet people with american accents.....always a good time.

patrick is good too, we saw him at volleyball night, he loves coming! so that is really good! it's been a great week!

love you!
sorry for no pictures!! next week!

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