Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cork Ireland

blah. sooo sister skagen and i have been down right sick with the cold! i know it's ridiculous! and so we didn't have lots of time to go find new people to teach but we did get out to teach people!

tinyiko: he is really nice, he is from south africa and is being prepared to get baptized in 2 weeks!
patrick: is irish, super nice. just started teaching him, he is just willing to give it a try! super awesome
augon: we met him, we were heading home from an appointment with patrick (it was like 5 pm) and we asked him where he was heading, he said to get a pint and asked about us, oh we are just talking to people about God. he literally stopped in the middle of the street and is like i need god. so we went into this really posh hotel, he bought us posh diet coke and we talked about god and the word of wisdom
nicholas and his friend cosmen: they are from Romania and we talked to them about the book of mormon oh my nicholas was like i'm not reading that. we are like why!? and he compared it to being hit by a car...he was all i dont' need to jump in front of a car to know it's going to what?! no..but i rolled with it, i was like well you can see other people get hurt but you don't know how can take our word that it does good or you can see how much good it can do. he wasn't convinced. but his friend cosmen was like i want to try it!!!! YESSSS. so goal teach cosmen!😁
George: he was baptized and has cancer:( lung cancer so he is struggling...πŸ˜”he is really nice though and is so funny to teach
mick:  met this guy heading to church to teach tinyiko, he is in a wheelchair and we talked to him briefly he was in a car crash and was ejected from the car 600 meters.....and has brain damage, he is so lovely though we met him at McDonalds and he bought us diet coke ( i realize it sounds like lots buy us diet coke, it's just the safest thing to say when they offer you alcohol and or it safe) and we talked to him about answers to his prayers. he told us he hitched hiked everywhere because buses dont' go as far as he lives and he can't drive anymore and all that. we invited him to church but he was like sometime i have to wait 3 hours for a lift. then sister skagen was like i promise you that if you go out at 10.30 sunday morning you will find a way to get to church. and he was like no...and the spirit was so strong and so i was all we are messengers of god and we know that if you show the faith and go out on sunday morning you will get to church...AND GUESS WHO WENT TO CHURCH!πŸ‘Š  yes..mick.
god love us.

yea. i'm am the pianist at the branch, and i'm slowly settling into it, it's different but good. they are really good members!

ah yes and Valentines Day.

Sister Skagen did i treasure hunt for me yesterday and gave me some candy😍 she's so good to me and we had diet coke in fancy cups.

Life is a blast and I love Cork!

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