Monday, February 8, 2016

Ireland....oh sweet rainy rainy ireland! I'VE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH RAIN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. literally.

so travel
yea. yikes i'll start from the beginning because a: i'm an idiot and b: so funny

so i travel to edinburgh onnnnnnn tuesday night. get there check. sleep on the floor with 6 other sisters. got up at 5am and they took me to the airport beucase i was the only one travelling via plane i was alone.  SOO i'm like hey i have this print out ticket to this nice man. and he is like oh. you have to check in. um how do i do that? on a mobile phone or computer. ya. don't have that. well then it's going to cost you 45 pounds to do it here...well i really don't have another choice....sooo i pay the expense fee and get over it..then my luggage cost money and he is like they are over weight but he is so nice instead like 200 he charges me less than 100. YAY. so yea i thank him yay thanks! and carry on. i go upstairs and wait in line to board the plane and i realize oh my goodness. i don't have my passport it's in the suitcase i just joke. what i am going to do. i pray and PRAY AND PRAY  and they come up and i'm like um yea so i don't have my passport they are so nice and call down for them to hold my luggage and pull in out. i go to the back of the line and everyone is talking about me as the idiot who didn't bring my passport i get escorted down to the platform and pull out my suitcase and grab my passport. me: i am so so sorry. them: don't do it again. me; ya. okay thanks. get on the plane get to sit next to no one becuase they were lots of i'm like cool. worst is over! BOY WAS I WRONG! so i get off the plane. find my luggage pulling it and go through customs, oh my goodness.
p=passport control RUDE man

p. why are you here
m im a missionary
p. why are you here
m. voluntary work
p. why?
p. go to the back of line. i'll deal with you after this people
m. ummm okay
(goes to the back of the line.)
p. why are you here
m. missionary?
p. where are you going to live
m. in cork.
p. what's the address
m. i don't know the church owns a flat there and....
p. go to the back of line. i'll deal with you after this people
m. ummm okay
(goes to the back of the line again..)
p. why are you here
m. voluntary work p. when are you leaving
m. may 31
p. to the uk
m. yes.
p. do you have you ticket?
m. to go back not on me?
p. do you have it on email on your phone
m. i dont' have a phone
p. how mcuh money do you have?
m. umm what?
p. how much do you have to live here 200 a month
p. so you're getting paid?!
m. noo! i saved up and..
p. you are getting paid.
m. no.
p. leaves and goes talks to some other people.
comes back
p. what you are doing is illegal
m. what no. it's not.
p. you are getting paid for this
m. no ugh my parents send me money and
p. thats a good way to cover it up
p. i'm only giving you 90 days then you have to leave
(stamps passport)
m. okay?
p. it's illegal.
(me walking away. angry)'re being illegal
(repeatedly as i walk away)
so yea. made it to Cork good after that experiance in Dublin YIKES
it feels like i've been travelling all week!
on friday we had to take a bus to dublin for a conference with someone from the quorum of the 70 presidency Elder Hullsturm(sp?) it was really good! we then travelled back on saturday!
The branch is really small about 20 members! and 8 missionaries! the elders are really nice though they are funny! andddddd it rains a lot did i say that!?!
I've never laughed so hard in my entire life. literally! we get on really well, she is crazy!!
we've had mcdonalds twice, subway once, and star pizze twice....yes. we have a problem and SHE LOVES DIET COKE! #meanttobe
i am the branch pianist, and have felt that cork is where I am supposed to be with sister skagen. It's been amazing!

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