Tuesday, March 22, 2016

i love cork!

so my week. was good, yeah it's great. i love cork!

We had dinner with the Roys, Jenna's mom sewed a dress for me (yay) and Jenna brought her friend Laura, and we were able to teach her and invite her to keep meeting with us!! It's the magical thing when members bring a friend to learn from the missionaries! seriously such a powerful lesson, and laura just felt the love of God, her Heavenly Father. It was amazing! 

We got a phone (yay) yes, the other one disappeared in the toliet somewhere...so we got that set up and running thankfully! 
We went Chalking with our whole District (8 missionaries) and it went really well! We met some really nice people and another friend of a members who wants to learn! YAY!

Jasper Abobon got baptised, he is 8 and they are Phillipeans so TONS OF FOOD, it was awesome! and after he was baptised everyone clapped, non members feel the spirit and don't know what to do, so often times they all just start clapping, it is something to rejoice at.

Patrick's birthday and we went out to dinner, we taught him the Word of Wisdom, he has been off alcohol for a month....he can do it! He came to church yesterday, brought sandwiches! and said the closing prayer in sunday school!!
St. Patricks Day.....a day to drink......
we weren't allowed in the city...because people start drinking at 10am. 
and no one really wears green...who knew.
but we wore green and made cookies for members and delivered them! 
And we ate the McDonalds irish burger...so it was a great day!

We had this feeling to go try by a less active we had never met, and we found her in, she let us come back and we were able to teach her! I love when that happens, because you know you were following a prompting from the Lord! 

Games night- Patrick and hannah came and we played volleyball! 

we had this idea! To do a True or False about the Mormons,
we typed up all these rumours we heard and true doctrine put them all in a bowl and went out with the Elders and cleared up some rumours! It was really good! People were really friendly and everyone likes games...and we brought star burst if they were right! #bonus!

We were also invited to Avery's birthday party she turned 5! It was soo cute! She was like it makes me so happy when the sisters come for dinner! they have the CUTEST kids ever!

As Easter is coming up I want to reflect and ponderize the scripture in Matthew 26:22 "And they were exceeding sorrowful and began every one of them to say unto him, Lord is it I?" what a powerful scripture and I love the talk "Lord is it I?" none of the disciples pointed fingers, they looked inside themselves and asked sincerely if it was them?

I know that Christ did rise on the 3rd day, and that He lives! #hallelujah 
Happy Easter!!


Sister Buhler 


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