Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Another week in Aberdeen....

Marco is doing so good! The ward is amazing and fellowshipping him!!  YAY! We taught him twice this week! He is really progressing! WOOT! 

Then Sunday he isn't at church, I am annoyed because he said he would be...but Sister Stevenson (being the positive person she is) says, he was probably up studying for his exams, and slept in. Sure sure. After church we phone Marco. 

Sister Buhler=B

m- hello?
b hey marco it's sister buhler
we were just calling to make sure you didn't die, becuase you weren't at church
(sister stevenson laughs)
m-yeah, i was up studying till 5am, and wanted to come, but didn't hear my alarm
b-oh....well okay....you are forgiven...

So moral of the story listen to Sister Stevenson!

Jorge and Lucas are doing well! Jorge is really excited to get baptized, and we are going over to help clean since there Dad is going to be gone, not just for a month but now for 2..yikes.
Alyssa and Maree: are good too! OH MY GOODNESS! Maree is getting MARRIED!! YAY! She is next September (2016), we are just happy there is a date! 

We went on exchanges with the STLs, which is always good, I am reminded how much I love these Sisters, and how grateful I am for their examples in my life!

I have been studying Alma 5, holy cow! That chapter...is crazy! 
The best is vs. 26

If you have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask can ye feel so now?

boom. intense. Alma surely wants his people to seriously look at their lives, and align it better to what God wants. 

I am grateful for the prayers and fast in my heath. I am doing much better, and doctors are fixing the problems! I love you all!! Have a good week!
Sister Buhler

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