Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Goodbye Sister Stevenson and Hello Sister Cheve!

This week has been amazing, crazy and a little stressful waiting for moves call! I will be staying and getting Sister Cheve, and Sister Stevenson is off to Cork, in Ireland! CRAZY! I will miss her! But hey we both live in for life! 
We had a barbeque with the Elders on Monday, for Elder Yates last pday. Man they are crazy it was really fun, and they came the pouring rain, I don't remember so much rain ever. super fun, and we splashed all the puddles, and man I love that rain! Liquid sunshine as President Brown told me! that it is liquid sunshine!

Marco is really good! He is so funny, he told us he would come visit us in Utah, so we could cook for him...sure Marco if you come to Utah we'll make you dinner..haha. he is really good, and his prayers have been getting better, and more reverent! 
Alyssa and Maree are really good, sad to have Sister Stevenson say goodbye to everyone, I'm glad I'm not leaving yet!
Jorge and Lucas are good as well
Nothing to crazy and out of the ordinary this week! We had lots of fun, and I'm getting my energy back, (YAY) hopefully I'll figure things out quickly! My birthday is this week (yay for being 20) and Im excited to have Sister Cheve! 

Love you al!

Sister Buhler

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