Monday, April 6, 2015

"Doubt your Doubt before you Doubt your Faith!"

Monday: Since we so conveniently had a car on Monday, since Sister Johnson was with us, we went out to Cumnock and tried our AUFs. This lady answered the door, and told us she was NOT a mormon anymore! We kept talking to her, and we were very persistent on showing her the "Because He Lives" video. She said probably 5 times,  then she said yes. We went in and watched the video, and spoke with her about reading the book of mormon, to gain that testimony again. She was very nice, and funny. She says she's not coming back to church, but I have faith she will. It was pouring rain, so we were very grateful for a car!

Tuesday: With the car, we went crazy we took the ward listen and drove to all our far places and met with less-actives, basically all day long. I AM NEVER GOING LESS-ACTIVE. Seriously. Like most people are less-active for the CRAZIEST reasons!! Ah. What a day. Oh, we did meet a really nice man named Dan, who has always wanted to learn more about hte "mormons". So that was really cool, we set up an appointment to come back...although without a car, should take around an hour and a half...haha gotta love travelling. We had dinner with Sister Kerr, and went to Scripture Study Class. Then we went and picked up Sister Brozzu who spent the night as well.

Wednesday: Sister Johnson and Brozzu left early that morning! And we traveled by bus to Sister Crossbee (I keep telling Sister Hobbs to break her foot so we can get a car, but she won't) We ate at Sister Walkers for lunch. And saw Sister Edwards, she really needs visiting teachers, so we are hoping to get that worked out soon! We did finding in town, and fished our way back home for dinner! 

Thursday: After Weekly Planning, we went and saw Sister Adamson, and did some finding and chapping in her area. Then we went and visited Chang-Ping, the Chinatown Elders taught him a lesson which was very good! Then we missed the bus, and spent a couple hours walking home...haha whoops. 

Friday: We went to Louise's and made Conference Books with her! And taught her an overview of the Restoration! She loved it! She is doing really well!! We went to the Newalls, and then we went home for Dinner, Sister Hobbs, wasn't feeling well so she layed down a little bit then we went to the Womens Conference, which was amazing!!

Saturday: We went and did chapping in White-city, then came home and prepared for Chang-Pings lesson! Then we went and taught him the plan of salvation, he loves learning! He took a picture of our diagram to remember, later this week we are making him his own set! Then we had General Conference!

Sunday: We went and picked up louise and took the bus with her to the Church. Chang-ping and Louise came and watched Conference, Chang-ping watched  it in Chinese, and they both seemed to really enjoy it!! We had another session of conference and came home! 

This week has been amazing! I'm grateful for my Savior, and the fact that not only did He die for me but that He LIVES! And because He lives, I can return to my loving Heavenly Father again! I wish you all the best! Cheers!!

Sister Buhler

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