Monday, May 23, 2016

ponderize: alma 36:26

oh dear. sister plum-plum is still very VERY sick! Not to mention her toe...isn't looking great....
soooo in the flat for a lot of the week:( BUT now she is not sick AND her toe is getting looked at Wednesday. yeesh. I know
Mothers Day was magical! I love being able to hear everyones voices again, and how the speak! IT was the best! Lucky to have a great fam!
District Meeting: we really enjoy! Elder Corcoran served with me in Aberdeen, so it's funny to be serving with him again, and again he is my District Leader, and his meetings are really good and spiritually uplifting!
Brother Quirke's BBQ: brother quirke is just the funniest man ever! he made us a bbq and kept singing us old irish funny
We did make it to Clon this week, and saw Josie! YAY! cathy peters (rs. pres. ) took us down and we visited her and took a couple photos on the beach! Josie might be moving to Bantry (which is ages away) for surgery:((((
Taught Patrick-he is good, hard, but good. Seems to be more willing to pray and read the book of mormon, which is good. Just working on him getting his own testimony and having the desire to have a testimony.
Games Night: some elders got pretty intense at volleyball, we might not have it again...yes...oh dear is right...yeesh, but hey it was fun for the most part..haha drama llama.
It's Elder Swenson's Birthday today, so we all went to lunch and went bowling! So fun...I am so bad at joke.
The weather (for the most part) has been beautiful! very warm! who knows i might get a tan!

ponderize: alma 36:26

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