Sunday, May 8, 2016

John 3:16-18

this week has been fun.....

sister plummer wasn't feeling well, but we were grabbing milk for llama night, and we are at tescos and she decided to vomit...yep right there. luckily i saw a box, she ran and vomited llama night for us...

she had a blessings that night. 

jenna roy brought us tons of food!! SO nice!!!! And her daughter handed me doughnuts and said "for my best friend" she is 4 and darling! 
the elders made us lunch and bought us lunch another day.
and trav stapelton made us dinner too and brought monopoly to keep us from dying!

but our flat is really clean! 
and i made peanut butter bars, 
wrote letters and called everyone! literally, it was awesome! so we have lots of appointments this week with people! yay!

so it's been really good!

sister plummer is doing much better today, still not great but better! 
John 3:16-18

Sister Buhler

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