Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Weekend in Edinburgh!

 WE had an awesome week, although it has been total madness! We were privilege enough to go to Edinburgh on Friday and listen to President Brown- instruct us for the last time (teardrop) he has been an AMAZING president, and he truly will be missed! We got to do missionary work in the streets of Edinburgh which was so awesome! Tons of tourists and foreign people! Beautiful weather, and beautiful land...we took a small detour to find Edinburgh Castle (success!) Saturday we did more finding and talking to people, and then got to go and hear ELDER HOLLAND! I shook his hand!!! IT was absolutely amazing! We travelled home on the train and because ScotsRail stinks and we didn't read the "fine print" we ended up having to buy 2 tickets home. But we finally made it home, late and 70 pounds shorter, but it was all worth it! We were able to be apart of watching the Broadcast as Elder Holland spoke to Scotland! He is truly awesome! Besides an incredible weekend, are week was also amazing! We spoke and met a couple people who we are hoping to see this upcoming week! We got to chap some high flats, which was just super interesting to say the least! I love being here with Sister Stevenson! She is amazing! And is teaching me how to play some songs on the guitar! (in the little spare time we have) Thank you all for your letters and for the love!! Hope you have a great week! God bless!!
Sister Buhler 

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