Monday, December 22, 2014


     Okay so we left the MTC on Wednesday early...and went to the mission home...they took us to walk up a "hill" which was basically a mountain...note it wasn't raining, but it's wet everywhere...I almost died like 6 times...oh yeah and I was wearing a skirt...and forgot to get tennis shoes...because I thought it was a small walk...lies...hahaha it was good. We sang High on the Mountain Top and people were recording us and it was grand. Then we went back to the mission home...and did training...then got assigned a companion...her name is Sister Hurschanin...from Finland she is 6 foot, (tall people rock) and is awesome...she's been a member for 3 years and LOVES missionary work! We get along quite nicely!! I am in a small town in Ayrshire...called Ayr (air) and the members are AWESOME!!!! We get fed ALL the time!!!!!

     Um Thursday was sooo overwhelming!!! We walk EVERYWHERE hahaha and it rains ALL THE TIME haha, but I was a little tired...okay a lot tired! And was down and a tad homesick...we were on our way home from the grocery store...and I said "hiyo" aka hey to this girl early 20s she smiled and we asked how she was doing (she kept walking (like most do) but we kept talking to see if she would stop) and she did! We talked about us and missionaries and stuff and she was like "yeah i've heard of you, I met elders on the street a year ago, they gave me a book of mormon but never reached me again! I'm looking for a church to accept me because I have had a crazy life, and most churches just turn me away. I read the bible sometimes...and I pray to God everyday!!" We were like WHAT!?!?!? SO that ended my day on a total high I was freaking out the whole way home!!!! Sad news is that her phone hasn't been paid...and we don't have her address just a rough area...she said it would work after the holidays! So hopefully!!!

     We have 1 baptism scheduled on January 2! The Ayr Area hasn't had a baptism in over a year! But we work a lot with inactive people and have brought a lot of them back to church! We have a mom who is inactive but her 3 kids want to be baptized we have been working with them a lot! They were on schedule to get baptized next week (December 27) but they did't come to church yesterday!!! :( which means they can't! Ugh it's like JUST COME TO CHURCH SO WE CAN BAPTIZE YOU I mean like i know that's not all we want...but the kids are sooo ready!!! We visit them later today so hopefully we will get to the bottom of it!

     Umm our flat is very nice...I have a large bed...I don't know what else to say...hahaha...we meet a lot of very nice people but they are very firm in the church of Scotland...I always say, " have a beautiful building...our building is...-" then i usually get cut's awesome! Haha oh yeah and we were walking and total movie scene we get splashed with muddy water from a was sooo gross! Haha we were both laughing soooo hard!!! Hahaha crazy man crazy!!! Oh yeah and the ward buys us christmas gifts we had 4 gifts yesterday it's so funny and kind! I love it here! Love you alll!!! Hope to hear from you sooon!!!!

     sister buhler

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