Wednesday, December 10, 2014

First Week Down!!!

First Week Down!!!!!

Hey! I made it to Europe safe and sound (even though I was worried about it!) 
Got up early...flew to Colorado...where I met an interesting young man...who I talked to...he thought I was crazy...hahah then on the plane I went to get in my seat and someone was I got the flight attend person and the girl didn't speak english and was drunk so i took her seat...then the flight lady was like here's free wine for being thanks...hahah can i have some pringles? I got free plane trip ever....i met more missionaries in newark airport...none from utah..but then there was 12 elders from utah hahah i was the only one from utah sent to colorado vs. chicago...which was weird that plane trip was long....very long....but i slept
Got to the mtc...kinda a blur...but we had orientation....and met my companion... and she's great Sister Swendiman from washington state....and two others in our room sister bakewell from england and sis petit from france...both soo nice.. sis swendiman is going to burmingham...sister bakewell is going to greece (so she's been here for 7 weeks and has another 2 weeks) and sis petit is going to germany......umm yea orentation and a nap we got to go to sleep early and had small devotionals...
class our distrcit there is 2 elders...Elder Stanely from manchester going to scotland and Elder Mtwatwai from africa going to burmingham.... and 6 sister ahha sister collao from chille and sister scherf from the netherlands both going to burmingham then sister sorenson from washington state going to burmingham and sister prescott from idaho going to scotland and me and my literally half the room is from america...the teacher is just like oh the americans...hahhaa we get distracted companion said "holla' and the teacher couldn't figure out what she was talking about he was like hello? hallow? we were all on the floor laughing...we laugh a lot. hahah the mtc is super fun
the edwards refure to me as "the babysitter" so i've explained that story a lot hahaha (i babysat for the edwards daughters children (the edwards are the mtc president)) anyways food is bland....and I'll ask siste bakewell "whats this?" she'll say the proper name and in frustration and laughing i'll say yea i don't know what that is...what''s in it! hahaha they  mock us for how we eat apparently as americans and we add a lot of salt to things i guess.....hahah super funny. 
we taught our first was is hard...haha we struggled as a companionship to be united and on the same page....hahaha...but class was good...and I learned a lot..we got to workout and we played volleyball ......i love fun and such a nice break!!! 
I fell asleep at churhc...awkward...and played the piano in rs..we walked to the temple and took pictures there....on the way back we saw real people REAL KIDS it was crazy ahahha then we....umm oh yea.... we watched meet the mormons. and the joseph smith was very spirtitual and AWESOME
hard day... 2 of the invesitgators....when i say that it's just teachers playing parts as some people they taught and change there name and what yea...but yea they cancelled litearlly on accident one teacher got sick the other had a doctors appointment (she's prego) hahaha #pregnant anyways...we were just feeling down...but we had class and was spiritual's dudley and brother walsh are our teachers both from england and they are soo fantastic...they are funny but they keep the spirit and don't let us get too distracted...because we do...haha we laugh a lot in  my's very fun...sister collao just giggles a lot and i called elder stanely a brat in volleyball (because he spiked it at me(clearly diserved it) but he was on the floor laughing literallly....apparently he's never been called that...hahaha people here are very nice and friendly....and funny...good sense of humor there is like 45 people very small...I know all the sisters...but the talking to them it's like....but youre a sister... I  CAN'T TALK TO gets annoying hahaha....oh well....
we taught 2 people and the lessons went better...I'm learning to teach the people no lesssons....and to teach with the spirit...and let him guide you...I cried...literal tears in one appointment...the spirit was strong and Im super emotional.... haha I was practicing teaching someone at the bus stop in 3 mintues about the restoration I was teaching sister collao.....and was talking really fast...and then she looked at her watch...and i was like yea id like to tell you more...can i come to your house? she looked at me like i was crazy so i was like "i'm not crazy" she was on the floor laughing...i'll work on that...and now she'll see me and say IM NOT CRAZY's funny and she just laughs and laughs....hahhaha 
Elder stanely gave us these gummy was like rootbeer flavored altough i hoped it was diet coke that's what that picture is...hahaha 
today: we got to go to the store....i bought a flat iron the converter i brought doesn't kinda charged my camera...although that's possessed it like turns off on it's on...literally mind of it's own...please send help...hahah lol....hence not a lot of kinda went crazy and now won't load...IDK...but yea people look at you weird as i was like what's a nappie?! elder stanely was like trying to explain it I said a diaper?! yes... a love it here! oh yea and dear elder...doesn't work...if you sent them they get sent to my mission home..i will get them eventually haha but just email we get to go to the temple!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! THE TEMPLE!! cant wait and then we are going to work on elder stanely sister prescott and sister sorensons nails...with cutical oil...they are bad and dry...tomorrow we get to walk the streets of manchester and find real people to get contact for missionaries!!! i'm so excited!!!!! i love the gospel..i love my savior....and i love you all
sister buhler

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