Thursday, December 4, 2014

 I had an awesome flight!!!! 
"they are treating me like gold. i love it here. i never want to leave."
Pres. Edwards (juile kenworthy's dad) said to say that....hahha super funny name tag is SO LEGIT!
andddddd we are going to the temple.....2 times before i leave!! I was soo happy about that!!!!!!
ummm the left side...mind blowing!! annnnddd it's pretty green...some places...
and i saw A LOT OF SHEEP!!!! 
haha, ooohhh yea i love it here...the have a duvet? duvue...something or other thing here......
It's like plaid and ADORABLE! i can't even right now
ummmm yea soo today I have meeting with the mission pres and his wife...and a bunch of orientation stuff.....sooo yea...
i love you tons.... and I am so happy about being here...i will love it! 
The SISTERS ARE SOOO NICE and the Elders are super funny and's going to be super funny!!!:)
can't wait for the week ahead...
oh yea...the camera is out of batteries...haha good one Emma....nice...hahaha
OH and no one forgets me they all laugh and go "bueller, buelller" yep...never heard that before! hahaha
I'm typing really fast...because I have A LOT to do! But i know without a doubt this is where i should be!!! I love the gospel and I love you all!!!!!! 

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