Monday, November 2, 2015

my ponderize scripture is........Mosiah 4:6

my ponderize scripture is........Mosiah 4:6  "I say unto you, if ye have come to a knowledge‍ of the goodness of God, and his matchless power, and his wisdom, and his patience, and his long-suffering towards the children of men; and also, the atonement‍ which has been prepared from the foundation‍ of the world, that thereby salvation might come to him that should put his trust‍ in the Lord, and should be diligent in keeping his commandments, and continue in the faith even unto the end of his life, I mean the life of the mortal body—"

Teaching  People as we do:
Maree & Alyssa: are well, they are so funny, we help Alyssa with her Halloween Costume for the Ward Trunk or twas awesome
Nick: is good, still can't get him to church...
Oliver: good, very very busy with school (boo)
Evona: started working (boo) so more busy (yikes I know)
Lamas: good finally back from Florida
Rena: is really good, didn't come to Stake Conference, but is doing really good.
Elsie: is funny as always, she said she just couldn't wake up in time to come to Stake Conference...haha
Lauren: met a really nice student, we should be seeing her this week!

Other things that we do:
Ward trunk or treat: was awesome, we decorated our boot (trunk) and everything!
Sister Cheve carved her first pumpkin!
Stake Conference: met Elder and Sister Herbertson! They are so nice! During the Saturday night session we got called
                                                                  to the stand to sit and read a scripture, which was broadcasted and literally I looked like poop.
Flat Checks: we passed (yeah) and they brought us delicious cookies...
Driving with a side of Diet coke (of course): we drove out literally to the middle of now where do try by a referral (who in the end didn't exist) BUT it was fun! Driving along country roads, and we talked to this cute family, who's son kept throwing his ball in the road just so we would go get it! They weren't interested (right now) in our message, but one day

nothing else crazy happened...I love Aberdeen, and moves call is next week, and I have no idea what will happen!
Love you!

Sister Buhler

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