Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mosiah 2: 21-25

Mosiah 2: 21-25
 say unto you that if ye should serve him who has created you from the beginning, and is preserving you from day to day, by lending you breaththat ye may live and move and do according to your own willand even supporting you from one moment to another—I say, if ye should serve him with all your whole souls yet ye would be unprofitable servants. And behold, all that he requires of you is to keep his commandments; and he has promised you that if ye would keep his commandments ye should prosper in the land; and he never doth vary from that which he hath said;therefore, if ye do keep his commandments he doth bless you and prosper you. And now, in the first place, he hath created you, and granted unto you your lives, for which ye are indebted unto him. And secondly, he doth require that ye should do as he hath commanded you; for which if ye do, he doth immediately bless you; and therefore he hath paid you.And ye are still indebted unto him, and are, and will be,forever and ever; therefore, of what have ye to boast? And now ask, can ye say aught of yourselves? answer you, Nay. Ye cannot say that ye are even as much as the dust of the earth; yet ye were created of the dust of the earth; but behold, it belongeth to him who created you.
Sister Cheve and I are staying another transfer here in good ole Aberdeen and we are SO excited!!!
Nick- came to church! YAY! Although he just kept complaining about how he couldn't smoke...hahah..oh dear.
Alyssa and Maree- doing really good, I love them!
Lamas- came to church! YAY! And they are working towards going through the temple! 
Oliver- good he is still so busy!! 
Elsie- is out of town
Rena- doing good, should be re-activated next week!

Other things:
My shoes have completely died;( sad sad day. They were so good to me
I'm sick with a cold, it never ends...haah jk jk I'm fine
We made homemade cafe rio it was delicious!!! Good shout
STLs came...always a good time
it rained a lot
hahahha hope you all have a great week!!
Sister Buhler

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