Wednesday, October 28, 2015

the ponderizing continues.

2 Nephi 1:15
But behold, the Lord hath redeemed‍ my soul from hell; I have beheld his glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arms‍ of his love."

People we teach:
Elsie-doing good, shared her testimony in church she said "I am not a very good Mormon, but I am a Mormon." she is so awesome.
Alyssa-BAPTISED. so good. so so good.
Oliver-super busy, wants to meet every other week because of school.
Evona-student, from Poland. We taught all about church, and why we go every week
Nick-good, busy with work...slowly but surely....
Debbie-good, apparently the Book of Mormon helps her 2 year old son Josh sleep!
Rena-good, was going to come to church, but forgot about day light saving...whoops.

Other things-
We drove to Edinburgh...and NO FLAT TYRES. GO ME.
We went and had dinner with an older lady in the ward.....she didn't stop talking for like 2 took us ages...we just kept saying we really need to go..okay we really REALLY need to go..haha.
Elder Hoopes is finally out of the Hospital (yay)
We had our Zone Interview Training which was sooo soo good!
While filling up the baptismal font I spilled a bucket of water all over me...good one...I know....long story behind why we needed to use buckets to fill the font....hahah. but it did get filled.
Sisters Conference was amazing! I loved seeing Sister Hurskainen, I forgot how tall she is haha, Sister Hobbs, she goes home in 2 weeks:( but says she's coming to Utah in August.... and Sister Stevenson who sang a song with Sister Prescott, which was amazing! I love the friends that I have made! Whoot!

Hope you have a great week! Love you!

Sister Buhler

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