Monday, September 28, 2015

We Are Not Nuts We Are DoughNUTS

this week has been good.....

we have a couple new investigators and it seems like the work is picking up
we are teaching a lovely lady named Lili she is from france and lives here with her husband...we had a first lesson with her and spoke on prophets and the apostasy. she was like are we still in darkness? is there a prophet? how amazing that we have a prophet to lead and guide us who is called by god! It was amazing!
we are also teaching nick...who is doing well. last lesson we just focused on prayer...and how to pray..what an amazing tool, and thing we have is the ability to pray. 
marco is well he goes to ungola this week, and should be getting baptized over there soon
alyssa is good too! she loves coming to primary stuff it's so cute!
teaching a man named udi who is from nigeria he has lots of questions!
rena is almost reactivated YAY
and maree is amaizng as well

they just opened a krispy kream doughnut place here and we have boughten 15 dougnuts this's going to be bad! 

love you all!

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