Thursday, July 23, 2015

My week in a nutshell....

Tuesday: We had Zone Interview Training, which is a meeting with our zone and President Donaldson and Sister Donaldson and the Assistant to the President- Elder De Vries and Elder Neideck. It was really good, the APs spoke on something Pres. Donaldson told them to about teaching about the Holy Ghost, oh my goodness, I wish I had learned about that earlier in my mission, it was truly amazing and powerful! Next we split off to workshops with 4 stations about finding people to teach. The first one was taught by Elder Yates,(who is the District Leader) and Elder Carter. Then Elder White (who is our zone leader), then Elder Tang (other zone leader) and Sister Wilkinson and Sister Sawyer (the sister training leaders). They all were really good! Sister Stevenson and I came away so much better! The instruction was clearly what we needed and helped us through out the week! After the meeting we went on exchanges, I was with Sister Wilkinson who is amazing (well they both are) and we visited the Davies, and cute family! She is from America, and met her Scotish husband at boys camp as leaders, they have 3 darling children! Then we went and did some chapping, and stopped by a referral who will hopefully will be seeing tuesday! Yay! 

Wednesday: We made cookies as thank yous and delievered them, we went to June Cotiers home for dinner! And did some more finding! 

Thursday: After weekly planning we went and saw Elsie who is doing really well, we spoke on the Word of Wisdom, her lessons are always interesting, she was trying to tell us, how when she drinks coffee its decaf AND she poors lots of milk so technically it's no longer hot.....oh that was fun, then we had dinner with the Twigger Family, they are from England and moved over because he works at BP and they have 3 boys, who are crazy and so fun! They have the cutest english accents ever! Then we had a RS activity!

Friday: We went and saw Richard, he is seriously the nicest man EVER! He gave me hat he knit, and is making Sister Stevenson a matching one, and he gave us a brand new Book of Mormon, the leather one...he kills us with kindness, bless that man, right now he is in remission, but is having serious problems with his kidneys...Then we went and did some weeding for the Schellhous family and they had a good bye party they leave for france tomorrow. So sad! They will be missed A LOT! 

Saturday: We had lunch with the Elders and Fraiser, then went to the church so I could practice a song I was asked to play in sacrament, we tried by a referral, and then had dinner, dropped more cookies off and did some finding! 

Sunday: Church was really good! Afterward Sister Stevenson had a blood sugar crashed so she slept and I made phone calls, and updated records, then we went to the Geekies for dinner! I love that family sooo much!!! They are so kind, and funny! 

It's been an amazing week! Most of our investigators well all, were out of town:( But this week most are back! (yay) Hope you all have a magical week! Love you!!!
God bless!!

xx Sister Buhler

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